Просмотр полной версии : Complaints

  1. Complaints of unsportsmanlike conduct (except AFK in Defence mode)
  2. i have bought 92.000 gold today and did not get the FV permanent
  3. gold market
  4. paid for gold, been 5 days and no gold.
  5. Is the Gifting procedure working? Please take time to read my querry.
  6. xhtml
  7. Complaints of AFK in Defense mode
  10. as long
  11. Too EXPENSIVE!!!!
  12. Weird lag , weird dc
  13. complain about account frozen ???
  14. Complaints for AFK in arcade mode
  15. not recharged
  16. Complaints about violations of chatting (obscene language, insults, etc.)
  17. Topic for the question "why I punished?"
  18. i hope u take any action about this man ??!!!
  19. isu reload to slow
  20. Loking to contact Alisa Gargarinova
  21. please you FIX this
  22. decreased shield tank t 28 or better penetration by front
  23. Pennalties system for AFK in Defence Mode is a joke!
  24. Tiger
  25. Swearing
  26. I'd like to make a complaint please
  27. Complaint about ghost player
  28. why am I dead ??
  29. Only su-100p
  30. why?
  31. where is my gold?
  32. High ping - Administrators chiffa-arizona road
  33. little silver
  34. BUG T-54
  35. Limit on our in game friends list
  36. сбор
  37. exp missing?
  38. Defence mode lag then dropped connection
  39. Pushing Request & Breaking Tracks Complaint
  40. Hight Ping
  41. Complaint about the policy of the game
  42. players that disspear in game
  43. Mouse movements frozen/disabled
  44. I can not play
  45. Do you find this "normal" ?
  46. Please try fix this bug in Defence Mode
  47. im angry
  48. Comprar oro habla hispana
  49. wrong gun in game
  50. Can we have a page to report cheats in the game?
  51. 'Fighting Capacity' of Corps not updating everyday
  52. Complaint about here in 'Complaint' section....
  53. Fighting Capacity - please add to first/original post on this I made
  54. Full Refund
  55. shots not penetrating on side of the tank
  56. Tracks taking randomly/spontaneously damage when driving up hills/slopes
  57. 195/chieftan
  58. Kpz 70-Medium tank...not really!
  59. Insults and challenges to insults
  60. I lost almost everything
  61. T34 Hull Armor?
  62. Always block me to die with enemy's
  63. Wt auf pzIV
  64. camouflage is a joke
  65. no cross at church
  66. Chat blocked
  67. BAD WORD
  68. How to play ?
  69. Block me to die with enemy's
  70. Heavy Insulting Teammate
  71. Modification bought with silver taking my gold.
  72. To Chiffa
  73. Berlin Map
  74. why was my tank destroyed myself while I was walking without being hit by someone?
  75. Defense Mode - I'm stuck in a wall.....
  76. Забаньте игрока
  77. Account
  78. gettting disconnected frequently
  82. gold recharge
  84. My A39PT says "no rankings. Need 20 battles on this vehicle." I have 981 battles
  86. Private Messaging Problem / Проблема личных сообщений
  87. login problems
  88. Blocking During Defense Mode Tonight
  89. Cannot enter
  90. Good day all
  91. 24h game
  92. GWT message problem...
  93. Rulette problem
  94. Blocking
  95. game not working in amigo browser
  96. I cant play the game
  97. Проблема с личными сообщениями. / The problem with private messages.
  98. Unable to download client
  99. CHEATS?
  100. How could I send report unsportmalike by mail.ru?
  101. disappointed
  102. проблема с наградой за вход - problem with the login award
  103. Пожалуйста, добавьте ботов в игры низкого уровня, я не могу играть в игру :(
  104. Значение слова «нуб». Так все это понимают // The meaning of the word "noob".