Просмотр полной версии : Maintenance work on April 21

20.04.2016, 19:17
Dear players! Tomorrow, 21 April, approximately from 05:00 to 9:00 Moscow time the game servers will be shut down for maintenance work.


Maintenance work may be extended. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Maintenance work extended until 14:00 Moscow time.

23.04.2016, 22:34
Admin, I have been playing 4 days now and my ping goes 400 (red and lag) and above. is it part of the game for newcomer?? I thought its due to lvl 1 crew so i buy gold pro and crew lvl 11, but it goes the same. I play in NA more than a year and my ping is 150-300 and its OK. Pls help, its fun to play the game, but when tank goes stalled becomes boring. Another is, I tried to transfer my reload CD to another tank, but its gone, maybe wrong button, lol..Sorry i post it here, am tryin to post in forum thread but i cannot find the send button.