Просмотр полной версии : Maintenance work on May 26 (05:00 to 9:00 Moscow time)

25.05.2016, 15:58
Dear players! Tomorrow, 26 May, approximately from 05:00 to 9:00 Moscow time the game servers will be stopped for update.


After the maintenance work in a game will be a lot of events, discounts, automatic tournament and much more! Detailed description of the update will be in news.

Maintenance work may be extended. We apologize for any possible inconvenience.

25.05.2016, 20:03
hi i have 1 tank tier 10.kann you add in mein profil?52926

iuliandurnea1981@mail.ru please help.

26.05.2016, 02:26
Iulian, you posted it too late and in wrong post. Now bonus section is closed...

By the way, you admins do good job! Let's see which surprises you prepared for us this month :) Maybe code for Mother's Day? :) Or new tank? I'm sitting like with ass in hot water :D

26.05.2016, 11:26
mothers day is in 9th of march in Russia it is FV 4030/4 tank if you recharge gold