Просмотр полной версии : i have bought 92.000 gold today and did not get the FV permanent

26.05.2016, 21:55
I have paid today for 92.000 gold ...all gold bought today and i only have the first 3 options and the last 2 the CREW and the PERMANENT FV i can not click on them ...
I paid a lot of money for nothing! http://prntscr.com/b8sen7

26.05.2016, 23:26
Shit happens:(

To get all 5 gifts, you need to update your account is 5 times at different amounts.

26.05.2016, 23:29
i can not buy 91.000 gold all at once because there is a limit of how much i can pay with my VISA so i had to buy more than one time ... i got the first 3 rewards and when i got to 92.000 gold payd today the other 2 options are not cleard so i can not click on them this is not posible ive payd and i got nothing in return

26.05.2016, 23:40
But its ok ... i wanted to get all FV`s in the game but now i think i`ll just play with the 92.000 gold i have and stop buying if this is the case