Просмотр полной версии : paid for gold, been 5 days and no gold.

31.05.2016, 00:41
i paid for gold 5 days ago (25 may) and still have no gold. this is Unacceptable.
i missed the the FV the event of due to this failure to the receive up my gold - HAD i received my gold Within a FEW days (like i have in the past), i Would have bought more to Satisfy the need to purchase X amount of the gold to receive the FV.

Original of publishing Transaction a Date the Type the Status the Details the Amount
May 25, 2016 Payment To Taleeva Maryam Completed - $ 200.00 USD

i have emailed maru504751@mail.ru that is the supposed to award the gold. the email was sent May 28, 2016 10:56 AM central USA time - over 72 ago hours ago and no reply AT all. this is my 3rd purchase by paypal for gold. i'm not a new customer. i 'd really like to have up my gold. short of taking it up with paypal to investigate, i'd rather someone from GWT RU look into this. i will provide screenshots of the transactions made ​​in the past and my email to the merchant should it be requested.

Bukakke account 606189765

01.06.2016, 09:11
As you said you paid for gold on May 25th. That was before game update. I think you have no chance to recieve FV :(