Просмотр полной версии : Is the Gifting procedure working? Please take time to read my querry.

08.06.2016, 02:07
Sir/Madam Admins,

Since my card won't work with buying gold I've asked my friend "Lason2" to buy for me since his credit card worked, and I will pay him in return.
We tried with his card on my account but It won't permit and got denied. So we tried "Gifting a friend" and put a date for it by June 1st, 2016. Up until now there is no news about the gift. Sorry we have major trouble trying to figure out cyrillic. Maybe we did something wrong or a glitch happened and our gift processing didn't go through.. He says his gold is still the same. nothing was deducted for the payment... May we know If the request went through your attention? Or we did it wrong and have to do it again.

Please move my thread to the proper place if I did a mistake posting on the wrong page..

ID: 505848327

my friend's in-game-name:
ID: 610309502

thanks and will be awaiting your kind reply.

08.06.2016, 11:15
your friend need fill form here:

09.06.2016, 00:56
your friend need fill form here:

I've check his account. this was the 1st ticket of the gift...
FBL-924-802152016-05-31 23:17:19

repeated the request last night.
JQC-755-392262016-06-08 18:00:21

and I've got the Wrong account in game name.. It's his second account which has my gold loaded..
It's No_004003c3
ID: 610309502

sorry for that, my bad

09.06.2016, 20:37
Thank you Sir Admins, today I received my Objekt 701.. and tomorrow is my day-off! :D yeah!

09.06.2016, 20:42
Thread close. thanks again admins!