Просмотр полной версии : Maintenance work on July 28 (05:00 to 9:00 Moscow time)

27.07.2016, 15:51
Dear players! Tomorrow, July, 28, approximately from 05:00 to 9:00 Moscow time the game servers will be stopped for update.


After the maintenance work in a game will be a lot of events, discounts, automatic tournament and much more! Detailed description of the update will be in news.

Maintenance work may be extended. We apologize for any possible inconvenience.

27.07.2016, 21:06
You doso many updates but game engine is full of bugs anyway, bullets that disappears, tanks in view range that one moment are visible and the moment after disappears, suddenly disconnections from the game, the collissionsbetween tanks are awful and sometimes tanks get blocked one in another, the stupidity of climbing mountains with rear shift.

On EU/NA server all these problems weren't. maybe the earliest version of the game were better than this one....

All these problems will only bore and make angry people and in the end they will go away.....