Просмотр полной версии : decreased shield tank t 28 or better penetration by front

27.08.2016, 22:57
when I play with my IS8 and touch me emfrentarme to t28 me it is not easy to penetrate that for the simple Rason that the t28 is very shielded from the front to most tankes 9 level find it difficult to hurt, and the hatch right could penetrate in the American server, per this is not, nor with gold bullets.
the solution we want is to penetrate the t28 from the front or make more piercing bullets pray that if we play 1v1 chances are to win the t28 by the agility of movement and that its shield is very powerful.
IS8 penetrates the 1000 change the IS8 only 900 max or lessen or increase the shielding golden bullets, or increased damage IS8 ...

28.08.2016, 02:06
I agree, T28 is Over Powered