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1. Classification
2. Series
3. Special Systems
4. Guide

1. Classification
Light Tank https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/lt.png.png
The concept of light tank is compared with traditional medium and heavy tank. The light tank is small, light, fast and flexible. Light tank is classified according to the weight and caliber. It mainly used for investigation and vigilance, also can be used to fight in some specific conditions. Due to the limitation of its motility and weight, the light tank has to avoid firing against medium and heavy tanks. It can take advantage of its motility to perform the battlefield supply or its speed to discover enemies for other friendly tanks to attack.

Medium Tank https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/mt.png
Medium tank is really flexible and multi-purpose. It is competent in the role of investigation, assistance and even attack. Compared with light tanks, the difference between medium tanks is really large: the heaviest medium tank is 67t and its armor thickness reaches 120mm; the speed of the fastest medium tank reaches 60km/h. If you want to destroy enemy investigators, especially when they are light tanks, the medium tank is the best fighter. Moreover, the medium tank has better cannon and armor. Although its motility is weaker than the light tank, it has the advantage of its fast speed against the heavy and Piat. Therefore, outflanking the enemies, offering fire supply, or finding the weak point of enemy defense, the medium tank is equal to all these aspects.

Heavy Tank https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/ht.png
Heavy tank, as its name shows, it is really heavy and cumbersome. However, it has heavy armor and powerful cannon and it often the crucial to turn the table. Due to its thick armor, it moves slowly: the lightest heavy tank weighs about 42t, equals the heaviest medium tank, while the heaviest heavy tank weighs 190t; the speed of the fastest heavy tank is about 20km/h~50km/h; the armor thickness of the body can reach 200mm and its cannon armor can be as thick as 300mm; only anti-tank is more powerful than it. Heavy tank can be the bridgehead during a battle, especially when several heavy tanks charge in a line laterally. It also can be the crucial unit holding the crucial location in the map to drag the enemy charging speed.

Tank Destroyer https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/td.png
Tank destroyers are specially used to destroy enemy tanks. Its cannon are much more powerful than other units of its level. Most of the tank destroyers has no chin turret, so it has to rotate its body to aim at the target. Meanwhile, it can lower its body to hide itself better. The heaviest tank destroyer weighs 91t; the speed of the fastest 55km/h; the thickest armor reaches 250mm. Piat has a slight armor which is easily penetrated. So the driver has to hide the tank destroyer and launch attacks surprisingly. Tank destroyer can’t handle close range confrontation.

2. Series
Soviet Series
Soviet series is set according to the Soviet Union. The S.U. engineers focus more on large-caliber which makes the tanks of Soviet Series highest DAM. As small tanks can’t bear thick armor, the tanks of soviet series adopt tilt armor design to increase counterattack rate. The soviet series adopts the diesel engine as the engine to avoid the frozen fuel due to the severe winter. However, in this way, the soviet series has lower rate in engine catching fire than other series which use gasoline as fuels. The light tank of the soviet series is the most popular tank. The medium tank of the soviet series has strong mobility. But the engineers set the Ammo bay on the fragile part of the body, which increased the exploding rate of Ammo bay. The heavy tank of the soviet series is really cool except for its weak shot accuracy. It can hardly be penetrated in the front for its thick and tilt design of armor. Tank Destroyers of the soviet series uses strong fire damage to cover the poor shot accuracy.

German Series
German series is set according to Germany. The strict German engineers design the tanks of German series accurately. If you make full advantage of the accuracy of German tanks, you will grasp the whole battlefield. The well-known 88mm L/71 cannon has the best entire precision, which has become the very first choice of tanks including “Tiger” and “Leopard”. German light tank has the best mobility. It can easily make zigzags to avoid enemy attack when investigate the enemy field. German heavy tank is bigger than other series. Please keep in mind that the accurate German cannon will turn your enemies into burning irons instantly, but you just stay far away from it. If you see a giant slowly moving object in the battlefield, it may be the German heavy tank. They have heavy armor which makes them fearless in the battlefield. German tank destroyer is too big to hide itself, but it has thick armor, powerful guns and the sniper-like accuracy.

American Series
American series is set according to America. It’s really simple to operate American tanks. Among the 3 series, American tanks have the highest Damage per minute. However, fire hazard happens a lot on American tanks. What’s worse, the body of American tanks often has no armor. Firepower of American light tanks is higher than that of other series. But the motility and speed are relatively weak. American medium tanks can kill enemies flexibly in the battlefield. They have high shot speed and good accelerating ability. You have to set fire extinguisher in cast that the fuel tank is on fire. Compared with other series, American heavy tank is relatively weak in the body armor, but strong in the front turret armor. American tank destroyer is quite different in the operation style. Tank destroyers of lv 5 and lv 6 owns a turret which is able to traverse 360°. Piat of higher levels has better cannon and armor, but their speed is extremely slow.

Besides the 3 series above, there are U.K. series and French series. These two series can be obtained in the Corps Tank, Gold Tank, Roulette and other channels. U.K. tanks have good armor, motility and powerful fire. French tanks have thick armor. But tanks of higher level have thicker armor. Its cannon have weak destruction but it can fire off many rounds of shot at the enemy to deal severe damage.
British tech tree is under development.

3. Special Systems
Pro Account
Compared with common players, players with Pro Account will get more benefits. Among all privileges, the most attractive one is to use silver to buy gold ammo and gold supplies. There are two levels for pro account as the following pic shows. Players can get the pro account via recharge.

VIP https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/vip_0.png
Vip is the symbol of distinguished status. VIP players will be able to get extra silver and EXP during a battle. Players can click the VIP button on the top of the screen to buy VIP status. There are 3-day, 7-day, 30-day, and 6-month and 12-month VIP status. It is strongly recommended to buy a longer time VIP status.

Crew https://s12.postimg.org/vxnlbs6d9/crew.png
During the game, tanks can join the battle only when the crew is equipped. Meanwhile, the crew affects the attribute of the tank during a battle. When the crew’s level reaches the maximum, it can bring extra attribute for the tank and it’ll be able to learn skills. Crews obtain exp via fighting. When the level of the tank reaches the maximum, you can transfer the exp obtained by the tank to the driver so that you can increase the upgrade speed of the crew. Crew is divided into common crews and crews for tanks.
Before entering the battlefield, players have to deploy the ammo. Every tank can only equip the ammo suit for its gun orientation. The ammo basically has 4 kinds: AP (ББ) ammo, HE (ОФ) ammo, APCR (БПС) ammo and HEAT (ПТ кумулятивный) ammo.

AP Ammo (ББ)
Armor piercing ammo, as its name shows, will deal damage to the tank by piercing its armor. But if the AP ammo ricochets or fails to pierce the armor, it will deal no damage to the target. It can be bought via silver.

HE Ammo (ОФ)
This ammo has the highest damage but the depth it can pierce is relatively thin. If it doesn’t pierce the armor of the target, it will also deal some damage to the target. The damage value depends on the gun type. It can be bought via silver.

APCR ammo is an enhanced version of the common AP ammo. It can be bought via gold. It can pierce the enemy easily and deals higher damage. The ricochet rate is much lower than common AP ammo. It can be bought via gold, accounts with Pro Account II status can buy it via silver.

HEAT Ammo (ПТ кумулятивный)
When the ammo touches armor, the detonator will be triggered and the explosives will be detonated. The high temperature and high pressure caused by the explosion will help the bullet to pierce the armor. It can be bought via gold, accounts with Pro Account II status can buy it via silver.

Modified vehicles
When some of the silver tanks and gold tanks become elite tanks, players can use gold or silver to buy modified vehicles. After purchase, the modified tank will replace the former tank to enter the battlefield directly. Modified tank will have better attribute than the former one. Meanwhile, the appearance will change a lot. It can be bought and modified only when you reach pro account. Players can buy gold tank and join senior battlefield to get higher silver and exp.

Premium Tank https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/gold.png
Gold tank is the best choice to earn silver quickly. As the gold tank has no levels, purchasing gold tank is a faster way to get higher levelled tanks.

Tournament opens irregular. Players can get massive gold, silver and supplies. The Tournament will last for few days. Players who use the specified vehicles will have their rankings calculated. You can obtain bountiful rewards through challenging. Required levels of tanks are different for each competition. Please be aware of the announcement.

Territory War https://s12.postimg.org/kp4ta935p/image.png
When players successfully joined a Corps, the territorial hegemony is unlocked. In the territorial hegemony, players of the same Corps will fight against other Corps for territory. If your Corps wins, all members will get extra Corps benefits. Territorial hegemony is 24h/round, every round includes two parts: Banner stage and Battle stage. The Banner Stage includes: Banner Stage Preparation and Loading Zone Bids. All Corps participating in a territory battle for the first time must successfully bid for loading zones and then engage in a territory battle. Loading zones are temporary, with no benefits or bonuses. The Corps Leader and Corps Assistant Master can bid on other loading zones, order territory battles and launch counterattack battles. The Battle Stage means the battle starts. In the Banner Stage, if loading zones are bid on successfully and players have ordered territory battles and counterattack battles, they fight one by one according to the appointed time. Players can only have one counterattack battle or attack once per day. Territories have different loyalty point bonuses. Loyalty point bonuses can be stacked, i.e. the more territories you occupy, the more bonuses you'll get. When your Corps’ territory is occupied, the corresponding loyalty point bonus will disappear. The winning Corps will get a certain amount of Corps funds from the defeated Corps when its first territory is lost. The Plunder Multiplier is related to territory rarity. The more loyalty points the territory has, the bigger the plunder multiplier will be.

Corp Tank
Corps Tank is a unique feature of the game. Players can exchange for corps tank by corps donation. It is much easier for the players in the Corps with excellent achievements in Territorial Hegemony to acquire corps donation. Corps Tank has better attribute, bigger cannon, faster speed and thicker armor. But all these requires you to join a corps first.

4. Guides

Fighting Modes
There are 4 fighting modes in total. You can change mode by clicking the mode selection interface.
Standard Mode https://s12.postimg.org/nhy0ua3i5/standard.png
In this mode, players will be divided into two sides. When the battle begins, players have 15 min to fight against the players of the other side. After destroying all their tanks or occupying appointed place, you win. The most important thing in this mode is the cooperation and strategy between players. If you die in this mode, you can’t resurrect.

Defence Mode https://s12.postimg.org/4bktr3n0d/defence.png
In this mode, players will stand together to defend the fire and bullets from NPC. You have to defend two bridges. If the number of tanks which break through the defense is less than 6, the player wins. Players can also attack the NPC tanks first. After killing them, players will get SP. You can press “E” to consume SP to supply ammo, HP, summon Katyusha Strikes etc. In addition, in the defend mode, if your tanks are destroyed by the enemy, they can resurrect as much as they need.

Commander Mode https://s12.postimg.org/fl8y8b2nx/commander.png
This mode is the easiest mode among all modes. As long as you kill the enemy commander, you win. However, it is also the hardest mode, because as long as his commander is alive, his tanks are able to resurrect as much as they need. The commander owns double attack, triple armor and ammo shelf HP in this mode. Meanwhile, when the commander has enough SP, he can use special skills. The duration of this mode is 15 min.

Arcade Mode https://s12.postimg.org/ycavigx8d/arcade.png
In this mode, players will be divided into two parties. Players will fight against players of the other party during 15 min. Your party will get scores when an enemy tank is destroyed. When the score reaches its maximum first, the party wins. It’s a relatively easy mode and really suitable for rookies and newbies. Player can resurrect in this mode.

Research https://s9.postimg.org/3rcihmtcf/research.png
It’s the normal way to obtain silver tanks. When you log in the game, you will get some tanks (lv 1) of soviet series, German series and American series. You can research light tank, medium tank, heavy tank and tank destroyer of each series via these given tanks. Players can research different parts of a tank. The attribute of the tank will be improved after researching the equipment.

Accesories https://s9.postimg.org/lb0hzkxsf/accesories.png
There are different accessories for different leveled tanks. Prices of accesories in pictures below are for lvl 7-10 tanks.

Standard Accesories - increase attribute for tanks in all modes



Accesories for Defence Mode - Only take effect on Defence Mode



Accesories for Commander Mode - Only take effect on Commander Mode



Supplies https://s9.postimg.org/40a37k64v/consumables.png
Supplies are disposables to provide helps for tanks to increase the survival rate. All tanks can equip 2 pieces of supplies at most. The supplies are divided into common supplies and gold supplies. The common supplies can be bought via silver, and gold supplies can be bought via gold. But when you get the pro account, you can buy gold supplies with silver.

Camo https://s9.postimg.org/4oixqi4un/camo.png
There are three kinds of Camo in the game, namely Desert Storm Camo, Snow Stalker Camo and Grass Snake Camo. When you activate Camo, the system will select the Camo automatically and decrease the rate of being discovered by 5%. If the player only chooses one kind of Camo, there will be no Camo in other two kinds of topography.

How to make your tank special? Just paint different slogans on your tank! We have prepared massive slogans in Russian, German and English for you!

Team https://s9.postimg.org/ibtlcgob3/team.png
Wanna play with your friends? No problem, just click the “Team” button!! If you join a battle in a team, you will obtain more tank exp and silver.

Corps https://s9.postimg.org/wefirftov/corps.png
Wanna chat with a crowd of like-minded friends and fight with them? Come here! Create your own Corps!

Players will get various medals if you reach requirements. Medals are the highest praise for all players! They are obtained through your endeavors! There are over 20 different medals in the game.

Friends https://s9.postimg.org/cxut4wykv/friends.png
Wanna know the well-cooperated teammates? Cool girls? Well-matched opponents? Just remember their names and add them in the friend system. Let’s add the happiness of communication into the game!

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hello,how does work the in game communication?
Enter button enables chat