Просмотр полной версии : game center loader

21.10.2016, 21:42
I need help, someone knows any program helps me install the game (tanks loader) on ubuntu? I try many times but not work...

23.10.2016, 12:36
Are u really serious?

23.10.2016, 14:22
you do not know what I want .... and I do not understand what you're getting if you do not know.
let me explain,
to play GWT in web you need Unity Web Player ...
for ubuntu or linux can not directly install the program
you have to use another program, for example to install pipelight for Unity web player ...
Micro client (if you know what's that) I want a program helps install it in my laptop .... now you understand? In the future please do not answer if you do not know ...

23.10.2016, 15:41
Ok ok as ignorant i will continue to play happily on windows (as it's developed for it).
Next time i will ask you what is microclient cause as you said i don't know what it is :D
Goodbye smart one

28.10.2016, 15:52
There is windows emulator for linux and similar systems. Hope it will help.