Просмотр полной версии : υπάρχει κανένας Ελληνας στο παιχνίδι?

11.11.2016, 21:54
ρε παιδιά υπάρχει κανείς άλλος Ελληνας εδώ?Από την παρέα του παλιού ground war tanks?
Thread moved. If you're looking looking for a legion, team, or old teammates, make post here (https://tanks.mail.ru/forum/forumdisplay.php?46-Team-play-(legions-search-of-team)). And please write posts in English in future.

12.11.2016, 19:32
Hey eumenis for information that you want to ask for help in the group on facebook is GUARDIANS GROUND WAR TANKS send me request to accept you. I'm 1966GATE-13- from the old server.
Γεια σου eumenis για ότι πληροφορίες θέλεις να ρωτάς για να σε βοηθήσουμε το group στο facebook είναι GUARDIANS GROUND WAR TANKS στείλε μου αίτημα για να σε δεχτώ. Έιμαι ο 1966GATE-13 απο τον παλιό σέρβερ.

13.11.2016, 17:25
ok,thank you!

13.11.2016, 18:28
Frank_Lampard_8 many players they dont know enlgish thats why i speak in 2 language you should respect that. No offence my friend but if you want to do your job like a moderator and (if you want to be objective with all the players) 2 months now here on this post (https://tanks.mail.ru/forum/showthread.php?15413-Complaints-about-violations-of-chatting-(obscene-language-insults-etc-)/page3) you dont delete those posts thosep layers must be punished, if you read your own rules like a moderator and the administrators they need to do the work correct for all!!! Offtopic posts!!!

13.11.2016, 21:09
I didn't sayed that it's wrong if you write posts in two languages :) I sayed about eumenis post, which he wrote not in english laguage. Just for better communication :)
About undeleted post - thanks for info. Some time ago i saw that post when looking on forum at phone, but i just forget about that. That i'm moderator don't means i'm perfect robocop with perfect memory :)