Просмотр полной версии : where is my gold?

08.12.2016, 00:48
Hello. I am still waiting 9 days now for my gold from Pay Pal. I know Igor the one in charge of the gold is on holiday, but there is no one else to add gold to my account? I know many players still waiting also. I would have spent close to 40,000 gold the last 9 days this is also GWT lose for not having the players with there gold and not spending it. Can you make a easyer way to get gold for the USA players other then Pay Pal? I have about 86,000 gold coming can I get a lone for 40,000 and just take it from my account when ever I do get it. I have 163 gold in my account and can't do anything for days now. Thank You for your time.

08.12.2016, 03:13
hello bro maybe you are lucky and you receive answer after 2-3 weeks, they dont care for our english section. So when you get your answer they cant do anything for that.... they will say talk with the dealer!!!! Personal i help all my friends and players because they dont have credit-prepaid card from other countrys, they send me money from western union and i made the payments from my credit card but you need a player/friend of you, who you trust to make the payment via from your account :) . Better send PM message to the admins, other way you need to wait 2 weeks for answer here....

09.12.2016, 13:51
hi all i want to know how many guys still havent got gold yet and waiting it
who havent got his gold by Paypal leave Comment please

09.12.2016, 21:40
Okay Thanks Gates your okay in my book no matter what they say about you!

11.12.2016, 03:04
Gates. I think what your doing for your Corps members is great to help them buy/get gold. But doesn't that mean you need the players password etc to log into there account? I buy gold for LSF members, but only by PayPal. What I would like is for all of us is to buy gold for a player by just needing the players game ID number, same as how the PayPal option works now. Yes they all trust us, but this way would be so much easier for us all don't you think? I have PayPal, and even a Russian Bank account, I would like to help more players who find it hard to buy gold right now... I'm only saying this because at present many are having problems buying gold via PayPal with the service being slow.

12.12.2016, 12:05
On the dealers PayPal account was maintenance works, PayPal promised to fix soon. In case of problems to the dealer ask him here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002205516086