Просмотр полной версии : Pushing Request & Breaking Tracks Complaint

31.12.2016, 02:34
Hi All;

I know this has been in other threads but we really need to be able to push wrecks out of the way.
Recently in a battle I was literally trapped by wrecks and in another, Green Mountain I believe, the road was entirely blocked by wrecks.
Really, really, need to be able to move wrecks like we could no NA and EU servers.

2d issue is one I've had here on RU server particularly with my KB-2 and CY-100. Go down hill in Silent Valley then halfway up the other side I'll break tracks for 800-1000 damage for no reason at all. Only way I've found around this is go down hill, sit at bottom a second or two then proceed up. Slowly. Never had this issue on NA or EU either.

So, with the bad comes the good. -- Thanks for everything!!

07.01.2017, 04:51
Yes happen to me too i was driving my tank and i got lag then boffffffffffffff tracks hitted with 2000 hp next time boooooooofffffffffff and tank destroyed in grean mountine and silent vally