Просмотр полной версии : Complaint about the policy of the game

27.01.2017, 19:07
Hello admins and game's stuff. I would like to make a complaint about the policy of the game and my complaint is that:
Why u give the fv 4030/4 in that way and so expensive??? Do u think that can pay this amount a lot players here???
I can't!!! I dont have a credit card or any other way to buy it, and the gold that i bought sometimes is with sms.
I believe that are many players here like me...
How many players do u think that can buy this tank??? A few i think... And u think that is clever from your side???
You have a business to run, so understand that u have to make money to be functional and to have profit, but you are not fair with us!!!
You give us so few and you take so many from us...!!! You want to come new players in the game, but they wont.
And you know why? Because you are too expensive. The prices you have are too expensive.
You dont help us to really enjoy the game and at the same time to have profit. NO!!! The only think that matters to you
is to have ONLY PROFIT!!!
Why you dont give the 2 old tanks, fv4030/4 and fv214 conqueror to the corps???
Why you dont give these tanks after all this time as premium tanks in a logic amount??
I will tell u why. Because you dont care about us but only for the profit you will have...
Do you think that is fair to give the fv4030/4 only for a week and in this amount???
It is not fair at all...!!!!!
I can speak for many other things that are wrong here but this one has frustrate me so much!!! : Angry:: Angry:: Angry:
I think that many players here have the same opinion that i have...

Thank you in advance!!!

27.01.2017, 19:56
This is not a corps tank, it is Roulette prize tier 10. It can not cost like a a regular premium tank. Let me remind you that the premium tank tier 8 cost 12,000 gold. The essence of this offer is that it gives the opportunity to buy something exclusive that is no available now even in Roulette.

28.01.2017, 15:40
I agree that is not a corps tank but this offer is not fair. You give it only for a week and it's a very short time for someone who wanted to get it but he has not have the way to buy it... As i said we dont have all credit cards or all other ways for payment... So why don't you think to make it a corps tank or a premium one in the price u want it to, so all they wanted to have the opportunity to get it sometime...???
It is a very good idea to do that because everyone who wants this tank he will finaly get it sometime and you will have more profit that way... from the old players and the new ones...
So that way will be everybody happy and satisfied...!!!
At this time i'm very frustrated and unhappy with you!!!
So consider sometime these 2 tanks, fv4030/4 and fv214 conqueror, to make them corps tanks or premium tanks at the price you want...!!!
Untill then i will NOT spend even another single dime in your game...!!!!!

Thank u in advance!!!

28.01.2017, 22:54
Price of this tank is fair. As first it's powerful. As second it's ex-prize of roulette. As third it's Tier 10 tank. When you will merge this things you will see it's fair price.
Imagine something - FV4030/4 and Object 279 are ex-prizes of roulette, right? So, players which got it from roulette sometimes needed to spend ALMOST 60K GOLD. Now it's available for 31500 gold. You still don't think it's unfair price? About time of offer i want to say - even if it will be offered for one day, it will be good. It's always better than total unavailability of it. Information about that FV4030/4 will be available in "Hurry Buy" action for 5 days has been announced two days before update. Administration can't fit to every single player - some people have payday at 1st day of month, others 20th. It will always happen - for some players time limited offers are placed in wrong place in callendar or are simply too short. In game are available powerful corp tanks - Object 280 and FV4005 for example. These tanks are available for everyone, anytime.

28.01.2017, 23:52
The really unfair part is that Object 140 is not in roulette anymore and the new players can't buy it. :))))

Get the E-90 if you want to compete against fv4030 or the conqueror.
Or sturm..... or Taran.... or jagpz E-100.... But if you want PREMIUM you gotta PAY premium.

I don't know of any game ANY-WARE that will not do the same as GWT.ru, that is MONETIZE their investment.
On facebook games, if you want to play more, get an advantage, you need to pay for energy.
On console games, you pay for premium content also. On PC games, premium cars, premium guns, premium ammo etc.

So why is GWT.ru not fair ? o_O

03.02.2017, 15:54
Hello mates Frank and Zef. I am ok with that (the price) if you say so... but im not ok with the idea of offering this tank only for a week...
As you already know are a lot of guys out there that want these 2 tanks and they cant get them!!!
Why??? Because of the game's policy!!! Why don't they make them, (fv4030/4 and fv214 conqueror), corps or premium tanks, in the PRICE THAT THEY WANT,
so everybody eventually get them sometime??? Doing that, both sides win!!!
And please note something. That way the game will win much more than the offer, from the olds but and the new one players!!!

Thank u again for your attention!!!
See you in the game :)