Просмотр полной версии : The results of the maintenance work on February 3

03.02.2017, 16:02
Map Changes

• Fixed a bug with the bases on map Lighthouse, also redesigned relief to minimize the risk of "falling through in texture." Map lighting became more natural. On the mini-map eliminated discrepancies with relief.


• Fixed bug with the shooting through buildings and invisible barrier on the Moscow map and not shooting barriers on the bridge in the Caucasus map.

• Map Grand canyon has been removed from the game.

Other changes

• Increased the fire rate of the AT 15A from 4.80 to 9.5 shoots / sec (cooldown is now made in 6.3 seconds). Armor scheme also changed.

https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/tank_vlbr_7_prem_at15a_big.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/999)

• Fixed a bug with a double damage and counter of destroyed tanks in statistics in defense mode after the death on 12 wave.

• Fixed a tooltip on the shells (in the tank service and in fight).

• Fixed messages in the battle of the damaged and destroyed enemy units.

• Partially canceled last font changes: the signature of the tanks in the battle, and a list of destroyed tanks. It will improved later.

The best browser game 2016!

We congratulate you on the wonderful news! The vote "Best Game 2016 (https://games.mail.ru/bestgames/2016/)" Ground War: Tanks in first place in the nomination "The best browser game", ahead of all competitors! Thank you for your support of the project - it was the voice of players offered up GWT on the prize podium!

In honor of this joyous event with 3 on 6 February for the first win of the day on a tank you get x5 experience! In addition, these days will be available 5 fights in defense mode instead of two! And that is not all! Without exception, all players will receive a gift: the promo code (https://tanks.mail.ru/about/manual/kody-aktivatsii) on the 3 days of VIP!

The code is valid up to 3 to 9 February
See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!

03.02.2017, 20:50
Happy to see the 'Grand Canyon' map removed, I hated it, lol

08.02.2017, 03:38
will be good if there is a replacement of grand canyon map :)

13.02.2017, 23:22
no puedo entrar al juego desde el mantenimiento del dia 9 de febrero ocmo hago para hablar con algun administrador

14.02.2017, 00:29
no puedo entrar al juego desde el mantenimiento del dia 9 de febrero ocmo hago para hablar con algun administrador
Please write me in PM (in english)

14.02.2017, 16:24
No puedo entrar en el juego ya que el mantenimiento del 9 de Febrero hago para hablar con un administrador ... mi nick MMH ID: 610492977 tengo 2 counnts más y no puedo entrar ...solo me deja escribir en español

14.02.2017, 16:27
No puedo entrar en el juego desde el 9 de Febrero de mantenimiento en mis 3 counnts, hago para hablar con un administrador82792

14.02.2017, 16:33
I cannot enter the game since the maintenance 9th of febraury in my 3 counnts,i do to talk to an administrator
write me here: http://tanks.mail.ru/forum/private.php?do=newpm&u=907263
or here: https://www.facebook.com/alisa.gagarinova