Просмотр полной версии : Update, February 22

22.02.2017, 17:34
Soldiers! Game was updated! According to information from the General Staff, you will find a new vehicles, holidays rates and discounts, promo code, and much more! A detailed report is waiting for you hereafter. Everybody be ready to upgrade!

The first British vehicles

The line of British tanks are still in development. The first machines have already been created: Medium Mk. I (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1001), Medium Mk. II (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1002), Medium Mk. III (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1003) and Matilda (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1004). The line will be available for all players after developing tanks to a level 10, however, we open early access to this tanks for those who can not wait to check out the new machines. Before the end of the development line of the tank researching of first tank will cost 100 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/exp.png .

https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/tank_vlbr_1_mk1_small.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1001) https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/tank_vlbr_2_mk2_small.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1002) https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/tank_vlbr_3_mk3_small.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1003) https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/tank_vlbr_4_matilda_small.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1004)

In the future, then machines will be produced, the price can be reduced, and after development of the of the main branch, brought into line with the rest of the nations.

By the way, for Matilda in a recruiting center you can hire Ace Crew under the command of Kerry James (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1006), which increases cooldown by 10% in the study of relevant skills. And in order to immerse themselves in the development of new technology - set yourself themed wallpaper (https://tanks.mail.ru/media/wallpapers/154) on your desktop.

New super-prize in Roulette

In the Roullette (http://tanks.mail.ru/about/manual/zolotoi-zapas) appeared new super prize: a Soviet self-propelled gun Object 263 (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1005) level 10!

https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/tank_sssr_prem_10_obj263_big.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1005)

In 1950 - 1951 years the car was designed in Leningrad Kirov factory. Under the leadership of chief engineer Starovoitova was created three versions of the draft design, as well as a wooden mockup. The production does not start. You also have the opportunity to try this machine on the battlefields of Ground War: Tanks!


Do not forget to hire Ace crew, under the command of Valentin Bondarev (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1007) - 100% after study skill "Charging Object 263", this crew will reload the gun faster by 10%!

https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/crew_sssr_ace_12_obj263.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1007)
Object 263 Master Gunner:
+ 10% faster reloading when driving: object 263.

Changes in the team

For improving the balance of battle matching - level tanks in the team now can not vary by more than one. Team that do not comply with this rule will not be able to start matching.

https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/images_news/news_group_lvl_1.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/images_news/news_group_lvl_1.png)

Other changes

Rules of entry into the legion: now to join the legion necessarily require a permanent tank 5 level.
A new report on the FPS in battle: now for the FPS data is displayed more accurately.
At Lighthouse map was improved relief to minimize the chance of failure in texture.
Updated scheme of armor and fixed penetration of ammo rack and fuel tank of M60.
Maximum number of members in the legion now depends only on Legion level (https://tanks.mail.ru/about/manual/uroven-legiona). Older purchase expansion of the legions canceled (https://tanks.mail.ru/forum/showthread.php?16492). Legions that buying the expansion early - will receive compensation (double the rate of gold in the the Legion). If the legion number of participants at this point exceeds the limit - the participants will remain, but it will be impossible to take new, until there is no available space.

Day of Defender of the Fatherland


Make sure what you have free garage slot before activation!
Activate from February 22 to March 1

In honor of the holiday everything tank commanders receive a free Promo code (http://tanks.mail.ru/about/manual/kody-aktivatsii). insert them into a special field in the game (Акции -> Подарки) and get:

Tank T-34-57 M1941 7 days
3 days VIP.

Double experience for PvP battles!

In addition, during the holidays from 23 to 26 February, 16:00 to 18:00 (Moscow time) you'll get doubled https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/exp.pngexperience for every PvP battle during the promotional period (except Defence Mode), fov victorious and losing fights!

Place in the barracks

There is no place to new crews? No problem! Additional space in the barracks with 50% sale!


Date: from 23 to 25 February.
Discount for a quick learning of crew skills

100% learning the crew skill (https://tanks.mail.ru/about/manual/navyki-skilly-ekipazha) with a 50% discount!


Date: from 26 to 27 February.

Discount on the purchase of gold shells!

Hurry to purchase ammunition for gold 15% cheaper !

Date: From 1 to 3 March.
Discounts on the purchase of camouflage

Paint your vehicle with 20% discount!
Date: from 4 to 6 March.


See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!

22.02.2017, 19:37
Well the decision about number of member in corp couldn't be more inappropriate (to be fair and educated) then this:

Old corps mantain number of places (unless someone go away) AND get a big gold refund

New corps stay as they are

So only benefits for old corps....

That's what i call total lack on equal chances for players, well if u want to make players piss in some ways you made it, you are really good at it............

So now ask to buy gold only from your old players......

22.02.2017, 19:41
Well, very very disappointing. So those who had the option to buy free slots for Legion gets gold and we get kicks. And we also need to pay 100k XP for a tier 1 tank?
Thank you GWT. I won't spend a penny from now on.

Sincerely yours,

22.02.2017, 21:15
My opinion is this:
I have to say I'm disappointed with the Corp member changes....
I'm sure GWT could of made more Gold from players and Corps members by allowing to upgrade its members number with only Gold and Silver.
Now GWT are giving away Gold to older Corps, and not attracting any other newer Corps to buy/spend gold.... The 'Activity Points' being the problem for Corps....
Older Corps will never decrease in size, they will simply not remove inactive players etc....
For me this is not a good business plan.....

23.02.2017, 02:11
Sorry admins and devs i have a question, why you dont fix the active points from the legions i see its the same...
we need 1 year at the best to unlock the next level but you change the levels from the legions? i dont understand why you dont change it..
i agree with all the old legions to downgrade the slots, this is the fair for all the legions new or old, as i say on my old topic, but why you dont change the active points?
I see the answer from the developers for the global map we wait until the next summer (2017) 1 year for update, at least increase the active points from 5 to 50 or 100 so we can go easy to the next levels, we need just to pay the gold for the next level.
But this is ok i dont have problem to pay the gold, because we need gold for the territory war battles to bet for the territories. We have problem we dont have many players to play territory war at the same time, we need over 20 players...
we need to increase the slots if we have many players we can play on the global map. My opinion is to read again my old topics if you cant update the global map soon its ok, just remove all the gold tanks from the global map do not let them to join the global map panel, let us play with regular-crop tanks until the next summer, and if you want more players to learn and play on the global map, you need to remove the active points, or rise the points to 100-200 do not forget we take 5 points per login from the player...
if you have 60 players active from the 80 to take the 113 000 active points for the next level you need 400+ days... for 120 slots 800 days for 140 slots 1400 days....:angry::angry::angry:
i dont understand why you dont let us all to upgrade the corps without the active points why we need active points?? The game is broken from the beginning you need to do something for that immediately, if you rise the active points or delete the active points from the upgrade-legions, we will have many legions with high level slots and more possibilities to spend gold to upgrade the legion for the next level, now you blocking all the legions, first without update for the global map and second we cant upgrade the legion, realy this is hard for you guys for one time to listen your players, we have problem we say it again and again you dont care ? can you explain your plan with this? you do not take gold from anyone with this logic.

24.02.2017, 13:31

I am glad to say that the latest update (Feb 22 2017) things changes. I have been playing since April 2016 and that my Ping is Yellow or Red (300-500 above).
First time now goes Green and 1-200 Ping. Many times in the past that my tank E-10 suddenly explode in the Map of green valley and Caucasus with nobody shoot, i doubt due to ping red. Hope that can be corrected too. Overall ? i rate the game, the support of Admin, buying of gold 5STAR.

May I suggest to make english translation even in the smallest letter below of evry russian word in the ingame when selecting accessories parts or the technical specs of evry tank. I have lost many accesories when changing or trial and error click.

More Power,

07.03.2017, 12:18
Hey Chiffa I want an explanation for this 8481084810