Просмотр полной версии : The results of the maintenance work on March 24

24.03.2017, 15:44
Changing game mode on TW

From today the battles on the Territory War (http://tanks.mail.ru/about/manual/opisanie-i-reglament-gk) will be played in Standart mode (http://tanks.mail.ru/about/manual/rezhim-zakhvata-bazy).


New silver vehicle

In German line added the the TD tier 10: WT auf. PzIV (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1015), the following the Rhm. Borsig WT. Waffentrager auf. PzIV was one of the options for using PzIV units, which planned taken off from the production in 1944. The project was rejected by the expert committee on the sketch stage. However, in the Ground War: Tanks, you have a chance to try out this technique in combat conditions.

https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/screenshot/0-155-07e7cf6e4e3a1bd20fdb60f91df7e913.jpg (https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/screenshot/0-155-07e7cf6e4e3a1bd20fdb60f91df7e913.jpg)

https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/crew_germ_ace_12_borsig.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1014)
Tank Destroyers Master Gunner (Advanced):
10% faster reloading when driving: Rhm. Borsig WT.

Don't forget to hire Ace Crew under the command of Till Conrad (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1014), which increases reloading by 10% after learning of relevant skills.

Other Changes

• Fixed a bug with the capacity of Rhm. Borsig WT, as well as its research from the window of Sturer Emil.

Gift for attentive players: Promo code for 1 day VIP: GWTVIP-240317 (valid until 23:59 on March 26).

See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!

24.03.2017, 20:33
I love that change in TW system. Win depend on good tactic, skills of every single player in team (not mostly on commander skills), good choice of tanks in team, and much more. Good job! :klass:

04.04.2017, 11:17
I love all the work you guys do to keep this game fun but will there be any chance during a update that the M60 tank will be given any gun depression would love to know many thanks