Просмотр полной версии : Update, April 27

27.04.2017, 14:20
Correction of tanks spotting system

1. Fixed a bug with blank shots dealing with firing on the vanishing / disappearing enemy in direct line of sight. Now shells can hit the target at a distance of up to 500 meters without spotting. Unless of course you know where it is;)


2. Fixed a bug with the visibility of the enemy tank in a situation from around the corner, when the enemy tank is partially visible, is within line of sight but disappears.


New super-prize in Roulette

Was changed a super prize in Roulette, now it's a British tank 10 level: FV214 Conqueror (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/349)!


More tactics

Acsessories tactical map III (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1018) is now available for the following vehicles:

Object 268, Object 279,
Maus, JgPz E-100, E-100, WT auf. PzIV,
T96, T58, T110E5, M48 Patton III,
AT15A, FV4005, FV214 Conqueror,
Chatillon 25t, AMX30, Mars 15.

You can set it in a special slot " Tactics ".


After installation, you will be available to call the big tactical map (press Q key) with advanced features: This map shows the direction of the sight of allies and enemies, caught in the zone of visibility. The list of combat vehicles on which you can install a tactical equipment to further expand.


Doubling experience in PvP!

During holidays, with 1 on 3 May, 16:00 to 19:00 (Moscow time) you'll get double https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/exp.pngexperience for every PvP battle during the promotional period ( except in the Defense ), both winning and losing for fights!

Other changes

In a study on the possible improvement of the texture of game models was redesigned the tanks 1 level. Later other machines can be changed.





Activation code to 1 day VIP for attentive readers:
GWTVIP-27042017 (activate up to 23:59 April 28).

See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!

28.04.2017, 13:03
Nice update, thank you all ;-)

28.04.2017, 17:30
Nice update, thanks!
Maybe in the next update you indulge us and you will rise T28 and Borsig to TIER X or power down them.
I dont know why, at TIER VIII, we must keep playing against this vehicles? They are OVERPOWERED and they are very tricky to face them. They doesnt fit at that TIER and they are not premium vehicles after all.
Soon all players will have these vehicles and the result will be the same as the North American server where all players used IS.

29.04.2017, 00:13
LE est etait tres bon Avec le serveur Gamebox Americain et Maintenant le NC est tres Faible