Просмотр полной версии : wrong gun in game

16.05.2017, 20:56
Hi! How can you solve a problem!
I bought the last KV2 cannon and it does not change! I sold it and repaired ... the same problem! I worked a lot for that cannon! thank you!

16.05.2017, 21:28
You waste the time and the experience to open the last gun. Because the best of KV-2 is a stock gun with HE ammo.

Why do you think that you can't change the gun? Is game show any messages? Or you look only at the exterior?

16.05.2017, 22:00
Sharky is right, stock gun is the best one. Maybe you didn't bought it, but only researched? Also make sure you have mounted second tracks, because 2nd 152mm gun is much heavier than first one. It will help to find what is a problem if you will show a screenshot with modules on tank