Просмотр полной версии : Update, June 9

09.06.2017, 13:23
New vehicle!

New silver vehicle in Germany line: KPZ 70 (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1034) (tier 11) following the Leopard 1!

There was USA-German project to create a promising main battle tank for arming of both states. Despite the relative success of the project, on January 20, 1970 this joint project was halted, divided into two independent national programs: the American XM803 and the German Leopard II. .

https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/tank_germ_11_kpz70_big.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1034)


https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/crew_germ_ace_12_leo_kpz70.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1035)
10% faster reloading when driving: Leopard 1, KPz 70.

Other changes

T-62A - top gun now requires top turret.

Changes of Leopard 1:

- New modules added.
- The load capacity of basic tracks is reduced from 57.55 to 46.5 tons.
- Fixed bug of displaying of hull armor. Values in the garage are changed from 70/35/25 to 120/120/80 (values in the battle didn't changed).
- Fixed a bug in displaying of turret armor. Values in the garage are changed from 52/60/60 to 90/100/60.
- Base acceleration was increased.

See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!