Просмотр полной версии : Update, August 31

31.08.2017, 14:21
Happy Tankman day!

From 10 to 17 September in personal account (https://tanks.mail.ru/user/profile) on the site you will find a holiday promo code!

7 days login reward.


Hurry to buy

Hurry to buy available again! Every day from 10 to 16 September at 12:00 (moscow time) new offers will be available, both for the whole game and individual!

x5 Rates!

From 10 to 12 September, the experience for the first victory of the day on the tank will be multiplied by 5, and there will also be 5 battles available in Defense per day instead of 2.


A series of Battle of Aces tournaments.

September 10-18 there will be a series Battle of Aces tournaments for different level groups. Detailed rules of tournaments and awards will be published later. Do not miss the chance to prove that you are worthy of the rank of Master of tank battles!

Tournament schedule

Tanks participating in the tournament

September 10
Т-46, Pz38t, T82, Medium MK. III, А-20, Hetzer, M24 Chaffee, Matilda

September 11
KV-1, Т-34, PzIV, M4 Sherman, M10 Wolverine, Churchill I

September 12
KV-2, KV-1S, Brummbar, VK3601H, M41, M36 Jackson, Churchill VII

September 13
IS, KV-13, Panther, Nashorn, T20, T26E5, Black Prince

September 14
IS-3, Т-44, Panter II, Ferdinand, M26 Pershing, T28 PT, Caernarvon Mk.II

September 15
IS-8, Т-54, Borsig WT, E-50, M46 Patton, T28, Chieftain MK.V

September 16
IS-7, SU-152 Taran, WT auf. PzIV, Maus, M48 Patton III, T96, FV215b

September 17
Object 268, Т-55, Sturmtiger, Leopard 1, T58, T110E5

September 18
Т-62А, Object 777, KPz 70


31 August - 2 September: 20% additional Exp at convertation the Exp of the machine into free Exp.
3-5 September: gold camouflage with 20% discount.
6-8 September: permanent gold tanks tier 2-5 with 20% discount.
9-11 September: place in barracks with 50% discount.
12-14 September: set of 10 games in Roulette with 10% discount.
15-17 September: permanent gold tanks tier 6-8 with 10% discount.


Other changes

Battle chat can be disabled now. Press the P key in battle. The battle commands remain visible. The key can be reassigned in the settings.


Red Square Garage removed from the game. Pro accounts can change the basic garage to others.

The Exp gained in TW battles has no influence on the rating now and does not affect the receiving the Master badge.

Scheme of researching the modules of Churchill VII has been corrected. Now all guns, except stock, can be researched only after studying the top tower.

Fixed minor bugs and flaws in the Medium MK I and Medium MK II models. The tree of researching Medium Mk II modules has been changed.

Promo code to 1 day VIP for attentive players:
GWTVIP-31082017 (activate up to 23:59 Moscow time September 1).

See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!