Просмотр полной версии : Tracks taking randomly/spontaneously damage when driving up hills/slopes

11.09.2017, 14:22
Since one of the major patches was introduced several months ago, I frequently experience "spontaneous" track damage + reduction of armor/health when driving up (not down!) hills/slopes without taking any enemy fire. I've often pressed Tab to get definite confirmation that no enemy tank has dealt damage at that point. This has never happened before this patch/change in game dynamics was introduced – I play this game already for more than 2 years. Sometimes the damage to the tracks is so severe that the tank flat out explodes/loses all health. In most cases, I usually lose around 50% of my health/armor…

For example on the "Caucasus" map it is now almost impossible for me to drive up to the other side of the map without taking track damage! So when playing this map, I have essentially to stay on the side where the starting point is or I drive down to the bottom of the valley and stay in the area with the bushes/trees.

I have the impression that the problem occurs more often when I suffer from elevated ping 150-200+ but it has also occurred when the game was running absolutely smooth. Moreover, I've experienced this bug across different tank classes (T-43/44, A30, E10, Black Prince, T56, etc...) although it may occur more often with speedy light/medium tanks (T-43/44 in particular).

I have seen a few times other tanks "spontaneously" exploding or taking have damage as well when driving uphill. Therefore, I'm certain that I'm not the only one suffering from this problem.

11.09.2017, 14:49
Yes, it problem - unstable ping. Sometimes lope ping so fast that do not have time to appear in the corner of the screen. Problem in connecting with the server while the Internet can work very well for you!
This problem is observed even in Russia, where server is located. As you are trying to play from abroad, I'm even afraid to imagine:)
Try to poke your Internet provider, maybe they will somehow help. For example, change routing or something else.

Ping 150-200, it is very much! When I got ping 30-40 with the help of the provider, I began to play a different game!:D
If the enemy ping is twice as low, then he will defeat you with all other equal. Well, if more, then the game turns for him into beating the baby!
I often see sharply jerking tanks, both their own and the enemy. Easy meat!:D