Просмотр полной версии : Kpz 70-Medium tank...not really!

24.11.2017, 00:35
Hello devs and admins i have 1 simple question ... who will win 1vs1... Medium tank with reloading speed maybe 5-6 sec,penetration ~120 and dmg ~1000(with HE gun)....or SUPER HEAVY RUSSIAN TANK 777 with penetration 268 and dmg~700-800 and reloading 6 shots /6.1 sec and after that ~22 sec... I really dont understand how Kpz can be so powerful... and so fast reload and so on... If you think the same pls share your opinion.

p.s. And another thing... 777 CANT penetrate kpz every shoot...kpz is very protected tank....this is insane...How you can make medium tanks to be most powerful from heavy tanks...i don`t understand....

24.11.2017, 02:03
With the HE penetration does not matter, only the damage. Especially with gold ammo.
Kpz - mini Shturmtiger with HE cannon. Just not even try to correlate with reality. It's a game.