Просмотр полной версии : Update 7 December

07.12.2017, 14:49
New British tanks
In the park of British technology appeared branch of light tanks. This branch starts from Cruiser Mk. II and Cruiser Mk. III.

https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/tank_vlbr_2_cr_mk2_big.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1116)https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/tank_vlbr_3_cr_mk3_big.png (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1117)
7 days login reward
December 15-21 login into the game every day and get gifts! Do not interrupt the chain to receive all 7 gifts! Activity -> Growth missions -> Login reward

Hurry to buy
Hurry to buy available again! Every day from 12 to 18 December at 12:00 (moscow time) new offers will be available, both for the whole game and individual!


Automatic tournament

On December 10, registration for the automatic tournament for the 5th level of tanks in the Standard mode will starts. The tournament will be held from 11 to 15 December. The mission of players is to dealt the maximum damage per battle during the tournament period. All participants are guaranteed to receive prizes! Detailed description of the conditions and rewards in the news on the site of the game.


1 500 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/gold.png + 10 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/exp.png

1 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/gold.png + 9 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/exp.png

500 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/gold.png + 7 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/exp.png

100 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/gold.png + 6 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/exp.png

50 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/gold.png + 5 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/exp.png

3 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/exp.png + 300 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/silver.png

2 500 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/exp.png + 250 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/silver.png

2 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/exp.png + 200 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/silver.png

https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/rashodniki_remont_small.png1 (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/2) https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/artikul/rashodniki_ognetushitel_small.png1 (https://tanks.mail.ru/game/item/1) + 50 000 https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/silver.png

ATTENTION! The tournament for maximum damage is conducted for the first time, in the testing mode. In case there will be unforeseen malfunctions - the tournament will be moved to other dates.
December 9-10 from 16:00 to 22:00 (Moscow time) you'll get doubled silver and experience for every battle in Arcade mode for victorious and losing fights! December 16-18, the experience for the first victory of the day on the tank will be multiplied by 5, and there will also be 5 battles available in Defense per day instead of 2.


Good New Year spirit!
New Year is already close! In the hangars there is a festive decoration, and also New Year's signs are available for purchase!


December 8-10: Place in Garage -10%
December 11-13: Accessories -50%
December 14-16: Changing nickname -50%
December 17-19: Changing corps name -50%

Other changes

Fixed a bug where player what leaving the fight under the bridge (Al Carthag / Caucasus) returned to battle and appeared on the bridge.
Fixed a bug due to which after using the smoke bomb, the Intuition skill (light bulb) wasn't work.
Fixed a bug in the use of Energy drinks with an incomplete recharge in Defense.
The interface of the lists of received and inflicted damage is changed. Damage inflicted: you can increase the list to 7 points or reduce to 3, added the type of shells, the list has a fixed position and does not move with changes of ping or fps. Damage received: the tank type icon is removed, the nickname of the player is added, after the death the list does not disappear now.


Fixed a bug in armoring of the rear and the bottom for the second hull of the IS-3 and its modification. The armor is aligned with the specified characteristics (reduced).
The resolution 1280x720 was added in the graphics settings.


Promo code to 1 day VIP for attentive players:
(activate up to 23:59 Moscow time, December 8).

See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!