Просмотр полной версии : I lost almost everything

01.01.2018, 20:19
Hello guys. Im Bogdan. Nickname in game l3opard. I play this game for a long time ago. When was europa server. I send picture with my all activity when found out the server is bicome to close. So what i try to say. The thing is i have only is-3 and su-152 when i had a lot of tanks like is vk3001p, kv- 3 and many other incuded all line until kv - 3, vk3601h. Why is needen to start again? I want my tanks back. I not play for nothing to start almost again. is-3 was almost finished with reserch and su-152 same almost finished m10, vk3001p, vk3601h , kv- 3, stug i want back i dont spend another year play to reserch again. Look what i have now afther the changing :

01.01.2018, 22:01
l3opard - it was a time limit to transfer your tanks over from the EU to the RU. If you missed this chance that is because of you, not GWT... We all had same chance and many of us did this ok.....

01.01.2018, 23:05
But i send all Photo with all my activity and look what i get?! Is not alright !! How i recover my tanks back? They didn t get me my line is-3 and su-152 ... only those tanks and bouth stock .... with who i can talk about this?