Просмотр полной версии : Update June 7

07.06.2018, 15:13
New mode

Added a new fight mode: Simplified. It is the version of the Standard mode with flag with a simplified system of damage. In this mode, any hit in the tank does damage. In the case of ricochet or not penetration or hit only the screen armor - the damage will decreases. The mode is launched in the test format and battles will be available until June 20. Also during the test phase in this mode there is no possibility to play in team.

Full reload of gun on start of fight

Now at the beginning of the battle or after the rebirth your tank has a fully loaded gun and is ready for battle. At the same time, before the start of the battle (15 second timer), you can choose the type of shell with which you will enter the battle. Change of shells occurs instantly, even if you do not have the Transporter equipment, but only during 15 seconds timer.

Login reward

June 14-20 login into the game every day and get gifts! On day 6, you can get FV214 Conqueror for 7 days. Do not interrupt the chain to receive all 7 gifts! Activity -> Growth missions -> Login reward

Automatic tournament (Max damage)

On June 12, registration for the automatic tournament for the tanks Lv6 in the Standard mode will starts. The tournament will be held from 13 to 15 June. The winners are determined by the Max damage for fight dealt during the entire tournament on the 6th level tanks in the Standard mode. The best result for the tournament is counted for player. All participants are guaranteed to receive prizes! Detailed description of the conditions and rewards in the news on the site of the game.

June 10-12 from 16:00 to 23:59 (Moscow time) you'll get doubled silver and experience for every battle in Arcade mode for victorious and losing fights! June 16-18 the experience for the first victory of the day on the tank will be multiplied by 5, and there will also be 5 battles available in Defense mode per day instead of 2.


June 12-13: Silver tanks Lv. 8-9 -20%
June 14-15: Gold shells -50%
June 16-17: Silver tanks Lv. 10-11 -20%

Camouflage, signs, emblems

The ability to install common emblems: symbols of nations/trophy equipment, as well as several universal emblems is added for tanks of the 11th level.


For the purchased temporary camouflage, signs and emblems, the expiration timer is shown.


In the process of buying an appearance element, now the default choosen is the price that the player sees in the general list of camouflage, inscriptions or emblems.
The system of imposing camouflage for tanks of the 11th level is improved: the problem of red wheels on New Year's camouflage is fixed.
The quality of New Year's camouflage was improved.
Seasonal camouflage, as well as holiday signs to the Victory Day was disabled.

Other Changes

Fixed a bug where after killing an enemy, the Intuition skill continued to signal that you were found, although there were no enemies nearby.
The list of friends in the hangar was technicaly optimizated.
Modified the model of the church on the Vieux Lyon map.


Promo code to 1 day VIP for attentive players:
(activate up to 23:59 Moscow time, June 7).

See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!