Просмотр полной версии : The results of the maintenance works June 13

13.06.2018, 15:08
x2 in a simplified mode!

June 13-15 from 16:00 to 22:00 (Moscow time), you will receive doubled https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/exp.pngExp and https://tanks.mail.ru/shared/upload/images/infoportal/Manuals/silver.png silver for each battle in Simplified Mode, both the won and lost battles!

Other changes!

In Simplified mode added medals.
Possibility of playing in Simplified Mode with a team has been opened.
Fixed a bug due to which the repair in a simplified mode, cost less than claimed in the statistics.
Fixed a bug due to which the statistics are not updated automatically in the tournament.


Promo code for 1 day VIP:
GWT-VIP-130618 (activate until 23:59 June 14).

See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!