Просмотр полной версии : Update June 22

22.06.2018, 13:56
News from the Defense mode!
For the Defense mode, three versions of the Gun Laying Drive are added - equipment that reduces the aiming time. Now you have a chance to aim even under the influence of Energetic. It is worth noting that some types of this equipment also have negative effects, so be careful when buying.
Additional changes:
- Increased the number of slots for equipment for the Defense mode;
- The weight of equipment for Defense is reduced;
- When calculating the player's reward in Defense, in addition to the damage dealt, chassis damage and light damage are taken into account.

Less identical tanks in battle!
Recently, the battles in the Territory war have turned into a confrontation of the same tank. Now everything has changed! When forming a team for an attack / defense of the territory, only one player can confirm the readiness for a particular tank. Everyone else should choose a different vehicle. This restriction does not apply to observers.
Also, in addition to the days when the maximum level of tank in battles on the Territiry war is limited to 10 or 11, days for vehicles no higher than level 9 will be formed. Be careful when planning!
Restriction on the repeat of the same vehicle has affected teams in PvP modes. However, in this case, the team can have no more than 2 identical tanks.

More emblems!
We continue to work on visual diversity in the game, and we present you:
- New emblems, some of which can be bought only in a limited period;
- Ability to purchase permanent and 30 day emblems;
- Ability to purchase and install emblems on tanks of the 10th level.

Changing prize in Roulette
Super prize now is american M60 (11 level)!

Automatic tournament (Max damage)
On June 25, registration for the automatic tournament for the medium tanks Lv7 in the Standard mode will start. The tournament will be held from 26 to 28 June. The winners are determined by the max. damage for fight dealt during the entire tournament on the 7th level medium tanks in the Standard mode. The best result for the tournament is counted for player. All participants are guaranteed to receive prizes! Detailed description of the conditions and rewards in the news on the site of the game.

Rates and sales!
- June 22-24 from 16:00 to 22:00 (Moscow time) you'll get doubled silver and experience for every battle in Arcade mode for victorious and losing fights!
- June 29 - July 01 the experience for the first victory of the day on the tank will be multiplied by 5, and there will also be 5 battles available in Defense per day instead of 2.
- June 27-28: Gold shells -50%

Gifts for buying gold
June 22-25 recharge account and get gifts. The amount of payments made during the action will accumulate. When you reach certain values of the replenishment amount, you will receive gifts!

Hurry to buy!
Hurry to buy available again! Every day June 28 - July 01 at 12:00 (moscow time) new offers will be available, both for the whole game and individual!

Other changes
- Made adjustments XM815 GM tank armor;
- Fixed a bug where the inscription Detected was displayed on top of the list of combatants (Tab button by default);
- Fixed a bug with the background of French tanks. In a number of cases, the Soviet background was used;
- Fixed a situation where, after the group left the queue, the participants could change the tank without canceling the readiness, which led to problems;
- Battles in Simplified mode are disabled.

Promo code for 1 day VIP: GWT-VIP-220618
(activate up to 23:59 Moscow time, June 22).

26.06.2018, 13:36
Now you do a great update, but i don't understand why you do not work with us to make the game better and better.
All that you do in the last 2 years it is my ideas from my old posts. I do not understand it, why so much delay do to it.
Also i say to you in a private conversation take feedback from the best players of the games who spend hours in the game, you dont do it.
Now your next and bigest problem is to make advertise to the facebook to VK and every paltform to bring new players and hold the old players.
Run my post read it and create it like so many posts from other players. We need to create more competitive the GLOBAL MAP.
We need to have players at the night, now it is 0 every day incloud at saturday and friday. Take the responsibility and dont let the game to die.
Also you need to answer to our psots/threads (Do not treat us like this) we are clinets for you if it is a game or not, you do not want to accept it, but it is the true.
You need to understand the game is dying we lose the 70% from the players in the last year from your actions.
You need to accept it that, to work with us, you have so much pontentials, but you dont listen, you think all your updates it is great and good, but it is not...
You need to focus how you can bring players to the game tell us what is your plans?do you have plans for that?
With this good update (i mean the last update) you dont do nothing, just you hold me and my friends to the game, but all the other players new and old they dont care .... you cant bring the players back to play again or new players with that simple updates, did you realise it that?

29.06.2018, 22:54
Many good points Gate, things we have ALL posted about now for some time.