Просмотр полной версии : Update February 04

04.02.2019, 18:20
Ground War: Tanks has been updated, and we are in a hurry to acquaint you with the main points!

Change gold shells at 10 lv.

As part of the current update, we continue to change the concept of the shells in the game. General principles: the purchase of APCR, HEAT and reinforced HE shells only for silver (while their cost in silver will decrease relative to the current one), lower damage relative to AP, but still increased penetration. Changes spread to tanks of the 10th level.

Change Maus Tank

Increased the cost of exploring the tank in the experience from 289640 to 314000.
The gun «12,8 cm KwK44 L/55A» was replaced on «12,8 cm Kw.K. 44/M1 L/55», unique for thi vehicle:

Ammunition brought to the new system.
Enhanced gun depression (degree) from 7 to 9.
Enhanced reload time (sec) from 16,7 to 15.
Enhanced accuracy from 0,27 to 0,2.
Enhanced armor penetration of APCR from 311 to 330.

The chassis «Maus Ketten» was reconfigured to «Maus V1»:

Decreased loa-bearing (t) from 200,4 to 192.
Decreased the weight of chassis (kg) from 37250 to 33250.

The engine «MB507» was reconfigured to «MB 511 (Maus v)»:

Increased power of the engine (h.p.) from 1750 to 1875.
Increased the weight of the engine (kg) from 750 to 4720.

Changed the dynamics of the movement of the tank.
Added new modules:

The gun «12,8 cm Kw.K. 44/M2 L/55».
The chassis «Maus V2».
The engines «MB 518 (Maus v)» and «MB 518 C (Maus v)».

Another changes

SU-101: the gun «100 mm D-10T2S» was renamed to «100 mm D-10SU»;
T-54: the gun «100 mm D-10T2S» was renamed to «100 mm D-10T2S prototype». From now this gun is unique for T-54;
Fixed a bug that caused the free experience to be written off when extending a temporary legion tank;
The possibility of buying Christmas camouflage, signatures and emblems is disabled.


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06.02.2019, 01:37
Over Christmas/New Year's I spent a LOT of Silver for APCR ammo on my Tier-10 tanks. I can buy with Silver as I have Pro-2 account.
I checked today, for example my FV4005 has NO APCR ammo not even in Depot. I spent a LOT of Silver buying a LOT of APCR ammo for ALL my tanks over the holidays.
No I have no APCR in my Tier-10 tanks, none for them in Depot and do not believe my Silver was returned.
How are you going to take care of this for players????

You can find old versions of APCR shells in Depot with postfix "Old" in the name of the shell.