Просмотр полной версии : The results of the maintenance works February 21

19.02.2019, 15:16
As part of the current maintenance works, the following changes were made:

Gifts for February 23!

Holiday inscriptions are available and you will find a gift code in you account:

3 plays in the Roulette;
4 days VIP;
3 additional Defence;
Tank T-34 Guardsman for 14 days.

GWT-HOL-230219 (activate before 23:59 February 28).

Changing of Object 777:

The 130 mm S-26 gun:

Changed the principle of the automatic loader. Now, when you press the shot button, 2 rounds are sent to the target at 0.5 second intervals;
Changed the number of shells in the automatic loader (it was 6 r., it became 3 blocks of 2 r.);
Changed the reload time between magazines (it was 6.1 seconds., it became 5 seconds.);
Changed the reload time of the automatic loader (it was 35 sec., it became 36 sec.);
Increased ammunition (it was 30, it became 42);
Improved aiming time (it was 5.2 sec., it became 3 sec.);
Reduced the damage of AP/APCR/HE shells (it was 933/700/1200, it became 800/600/1050);
The cost of AP/APCR/HE shells was reduced (it was 510/1900/510 silver, it became 440/1630/440 silver).

The 130 mm S-70P gun:

Improved aiming time (it was 7.09 sec., it became 5 sec.).

Code for 1 day VIP is included in the Holiday code.

See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!

25.02.2019, 02:16
when they think to improve the kpz 70 to give back the power of before ,,, that comes in the next updates some new map or tank, I hope they can surprise us