Просмотр полной версии : WEAK STURMTIGER PT

27.02.2019, 21:06
Everyday I play the Sturmtiger PT, but today for some reason my damage per shot has been GREATLY reduced. 400-900 damage per shot. ALL DAY LONG. I have to shoot tanks 3-4 times to kill them. Every NOW and again... I do 2k damage... but VERY far and in between. FAR from 1 shot 1 kill. And with a 22 second reload... this is NO GOOD. 4 shots to kill a T28 or a T26? 4 shots to kill a FV4005 using GOLD?! 4 shots times 22 second relaod is... 66 seconds of reloading to kill a tank?! And another 22 to reload afterwards? 88 seconds?! The GOLD rounds are weaker than the regular HE rounds... or no difference at ALL!! What is going ON??!!! And why is the SUPER Sturmtiger X10... weaker than the Sturmtiger PT? You HAVE to use gold or it's NO good?!! Please explain. I've been playing for HOURS today... and every game is the same.

28.02.2019, 18:31
See the screenshot below - i just played a game on Sturmtiger Pt. It was my first shot in the battle - at T28PT - Nothing has changed. You only have bad luck. About T28 and T26E4 - if you hit the wrong place, indeed, you can do only 200-600dmg per shot. About Sturmtiger (tier 10) its gold rounds are weaker than on Sturmtiger Pt, but only temporarily - now game goes through changes of the concept of the gold rounds. For more info, read description of Update from February 4th: