Просмотр полной версии : STARSHIP CHANGES!!!!

21.03.2019, 20:19
Hi. Can someone explain to me why I paid GOOD money to buy the StarShip and suddenly they change the product that I PAID for? Making it NO better than the other tanks in the game? I see they took something I PAID for and made it MUCH worse than what I WANTED in the FIRST place. I seen the new armor values ​​... the new changes ... they SUCK !! Does this mean I get a DISCOUNT? !! Some MONEY BACK? !!

Gold tanks were supposed to be better than the normal tanks so players like ME and MANY MANY other players that are willing to spend money in this game ... would BUY them !!! And AFTER we spend our HARD earned Money to get them ... you LATER turn them into JUNK !!!!! AFTER you TAKE OUR MONEY !!! On the SAME level as any NORMAL tank !!! What's CRAZY is that you take a LINE tank (FREE TO GET) like the Object 777 and change it to be just as good as the GOLD tanks we pay EXTRA to HAVE !!!! THEN you change something I PAID for ... and make it WORSE !!!!! I FEEL CHEATED !!! WE ALL FEEL CHEATED !!! THIS IS NO WAY TO RUN A BUSINESS !!!!

You buy a Ferrari from a dealership. You pay the EXTRA money for this car because of the Engine ... because of its SPECS !!!! You you take it home ... months later ... the dealership shows up and removes the Engine ... and puts in a much SLOWER engine and they change ALL the specs on it ... NO LONGER THE CAR YOU WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE !!! You would not have PAID for his car !!! AND THEN ... they KEEP ... all of your MONEY !!!!! THAT IS ROBBERY !!!! THAT IS INSANE !!! THAT IS ILLEGAL !!!! You can have your SHIT tank back ... I want my MONEY back !!!! PERIOD !!!!!


Let's try this in REVERSE !!! How about I pay for the StarShip ... and months later ... I take HALF of my MONEY back !! Who is getting cheated NOW? !!!

This is how you want to run your game? !! SCAMMING the people that Actually PUT MONEY INTO IT?!?!?!?! ?? !!? You want to scam the customers that give your company MONEY ... Money that pays your CHECKS? !!! Well you will not see another DIME fromm ME ... until you either GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK ... OR FIX WHAT YOU DID TO MY TANK THAT I PAID FOR !!!!!

Nobody likes a SCAM ARTIST !!! Nobody likes to be CHEATED !!!! Can not believe you operate your BUSINESS this way !!! You're lucky this is not America ... you 'd get SUED !!!
Us PAYING customers ... are PISSED and I will post this message on EVERY FB PAGE associated with Ground War Tanks !!! And how you SCAM your LOYAL PAYING customers !!!
Actions like this ... People taking advantage of others !! That is what is WRONG with this world today !!! And Ground War Tanks is just another Example of how you DONT treat people !! Your business model is GARBAGE !!

And FIX the STURM 10 Gold rounds !! The sturm 9 does more damage than the 10 now ... another GREAT change that NOBODY wanted !!

21.03.2019, 20:30
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