Просмотр полной версии : ADD GOLD ISSUE

22.03.2019, 07:06
Hello I accidently added gold to the wrong account and would like to have it fixed. I signed into my account in game and added gold... but I was signed into a different account on the tanks.mail.ru page it sent me to. I would like the gold transferred from one account to another. I have the receipt from paypal as well as screenshots of the both accounts...

I added approximately $20 and would like that exact amount removed form the wrong account and added to the other. Is this possible or do I have to cancel my PayPal transaction and start over? I have been careful not to spend any of it. I would like it transferred while the Total Recharge Rewards are active. And also to purchase 6 months of VIP. A quick response would be greatly appreciated.

09.04.2019, 20:04
9.04 quick response hahaah your money are lost, nobody cares about it in this game, next time be sure where u put your moneyXD I was over some limit when I payed via sms, and I've got return sms: your limit is exceeted. so they didnt add gold to my account but they took money! very fair XD