Просмотр полной версии : gold recharge

09.04.2019, 20:17
Hello, i have a question: I was recharge gold to my account via sms, but I was over above some limit? return sms was: "limit is exceeded, repeat after 5 minutes only." system took my money from last sms I send, but didnt recharge my account! that was arround 9$, should be 2415 gold, but anyway I know u not gonna return me this money.
and now I cant send next sms from few days, its shows me: cant send messege. my question is: my phone number is blocked forever? or for week, month? beacause I was over this funny limit system blocked my phone number? u dont wanna my money? its ridicoulus!

before phone was blocked, I did 5 sms x 2415gold, I planned to buy a mammut, now I need 501 gold to buy him but from few days I cant send a message, could somebody do something with that?

11.04.2019, 01:12
any admin can answer to me? hello?

11.04.2019, 09:44
Hello, you need to contact customer service of your network. You have blocked option of sending premium sms on your phone number.

12.04.2019, 03:31
omg....really...my network blocked me???u kidding me?

thank you for your help...