Просмотр полной версии : login problems

16.08.2019, 03:18
hi, I had problem with my account , im using microclient, and I cant log in today, password doesnt working, when I try to use forget password option, shows me i have to create new mail account? my account was deleted or what? I used some money to buy a gold, guys dont be funny, and give me back my account or help some how...its first time that hapend to me, in microclient shows me my account but is logout and password doesnt working, im waiting for any help.
p.s. I dont using browser, firefox doesnt support this game in my laptop.

16.08.2019, 03:43
The account in the game is directly linked to the mail. Login and password from the mail and from the game are identical.
To start, try to go to your email, which is tied to the game.

P.S. What exactly does he write when trying to log in through the client?

16.08.2019, 04:42
when I try to log in passwords comes to be in red frame and some russian words, im sorry i dont know russian languge, its shows something like that: Hebephbin doIH Iun napojb, i know looks stupid but i cant copy this from microclient, see here i can log in but not to the game in micro with this password, I never had problems like that before...

16.08.2019, 07:29
Check the layout, Caps Lock, correct input. Know, were, but if you can write here on forum, then your account no one deleted.

16.08.2019, 13:53
ok, fixed, I just unnistall micro and install again, maybe some problem with micro. that never happend before, strange. thanks for reaction.