Просмотр полной версии : Good day all

21.10.2019, 10:36

I am T77

I was coming to the game everyday since you started promotions. Missed only one day, got gold extinguishers, kits,VIP for 7 days and etc., but when I came today I saw that getting of promotions started from beginning, from first day .... why that happened?

Have a good day,


И ам Т77

И wас kоминг то тхе гаме еверыдаы синце ёу стартед промотионс. Миссед онлы оне даы, гот голд ехтингуишерс, китс,ВИП фор 7 даыс анд етц., бут wхен И цаме тодаы И саw тхат геттинг оф промотионс стартед фром бегиннинг, фром фирст даы .... wхы тхат хаппенед?

Хаве а гоод даы,

21.10.2019, 11:05

Attention! An important condition for receiving a cumulative bonus is that the days are accumulated only within one calendar month and are not transferred to the next months.So, if you want to get a bonus for 2, 5, 10, 17 or 26 days spent in the game, you have to do it before the end of the month! For example, if your 26th day falls on the 1st of the next month, you will not be able to receive the "26 days in the game" award on that day, the count of the number of visits will be reset and will show "1" instead of "26".

Read more here https://tanks.mail.ru/about/manual/ezhednevnyi-bonus


Внимание! Важным условием получения накопительного бонуса является то, что дни копятся только в рамках одного календарного месяца и не переносятся на следующие месяцы.Таким образом, если вы хотите получить бонус за 2, 5, 10, 17 или 26 дней, проведенных в игре, вы должны сделать это до окончания месяца! Например, если ваш 26-й день выпадает на 1 число следующего месяца, в этот день вы не сможете получить награду «26 дней в игре», счетчик количества заходов обнулится и будет показывать «1» вместо «26».

Подробнее тут

21.10.2019, 11:57
Good day MJATA,

entering game during the month days and receiving of bonus that is clear for me.

My question was regarding 7 days (from 16 till 22 of October) entering bonus/rewards.


21.10.2019, 13:43
Pardon first not delved particularly in the crux of the and so: Fighters! Do not miss a day of war: from 16 to 22 October you will be rewarded for entering the game! During the action you will be able to receive a gift every day. They will get steeper, and on the sixth day you will find M60 + for 7 days! To get another reward, do not forget EVERY DAY to go to the Menu: Actions - > Tasks - > reward for entry. You missed one day.

21.10.2019, 17:20
I will try to explain one more time...

On 16 October I received gold extinguisher x2
On 17 October I received gold fixing kit x3
On 18 October I received silver 50000
On 19 October I received VIP for 7 days
On 20 October I didn't registered to the game
On 21 October when I entered game, I received again gold extingushers (first day award!!!) ... instead of M60 as it should be.
Now is more clear?


21.10.2019, 17:55
It is difficult to understand the language without knowing it ) Or a failure (bug) happened or that something changed. In any case, my advice is to write to technical support of the game, as it is the hypostasis of the game, not the forum. Link technical support https://cdn2.iconfinder.com/data/icons/thesquid-ink-40-free-flat-icon-pack/64/support-32.png Техподдержка (http://games.mail.ru/support/tanks/)

p.s. First, you write that you missed one day, and then give a table where you can see that you did not miss. It's incomprehensible of you.

p.s.s. And for the future, if the questions are related to the breakdown of the game or bug ( not getting a prize, gold, missing tank and .TP.) it is worth writing to the technical support of the game. because only they do it.

22.10.2019, 08:15
Thanks for your wasted time and answers.
if you check carefully what is written by dates in my last letter you will see that I missed one day - October 20.
Also, please, next time guide from begging of conversation to the Technical section guys instead of blind citation of manuals.

Have a good day.

22.10.2019, 08:46
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