Просмотр полной версии : To check and fix problems

13.06.2020, 21:38
Three things to try fix problems with the game ((posted to try help No_003faaac :p ))

Update the Game Centre

Clean the Cache

Check for Errors

08.08.2023, 23:44
After the last update, many players seem like they don`t belong to Corp but are still Corp!! Their TW / RK map does not update. Similar weeks and also cannot participate in the game even though they are members in corp. They cannot buy loyalty points even if they are Corp members, nor can they buy a Corp tank! They don`t see them even though they are corp members. One of my friends had a full friend list. Empty after update all away. They don`t see the Corp list its empty. It would be appropriate for GWT to do a correction UPDATE, because i already know a several of these people and how many of them there actually are..! PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. I also send a private message. Now we hope for speed or players will disappear to other games. Thank you.

Best regards



10.08.2023, 16:35
Repair that please. Im inside _WOLVES_ Corp but look what i see..... TW / RK map longtime to same... no change WHY????. Friend list is full early but last update and all away. WHY???? i looking im not corp but my friend look im inside corps. REPAIR PLEASE >GWT i take photo just now. Look TW/RK map....


10.08.2023, 17:43
Evidence. The game is broken. I know several people. Fix and repair it. i take photo just now. LOOK _-Enigma-_ account and TW/RK map !! Repair please.

10.08.2023, 18:43
REPAIR PLEASE and soon....112835112836112837112838112839112840112841
same time we take all SC. Now you see what is problem. i hope GWT its repair soon

Best regard

--Wolf and _-Enigma-_


10.08.2023, 20:30
Tank you GWT and all Admins and Moderators. Now all working.