Просмотр полной версии : Unable to download client

10.10.2020, 23:39
hi admin : since two days ago i cannot play , the client stops at 99%

10.10.2020, 23:44
hi i'm Blutkrieger in the game , i've got a problem , the client freezes at 99% and cannot enter

Hi mate, Dean here... They not reply to your email???

Usually if they don't reply to your email, or even if they do but ask for files to be sent to them means they have no idea what is wrong :confused:

11.10.2020, 01:35
hi DKSI , I tryid to send the imagen but i couldnt

12.10.2020, 11:26
thanks to administrators and game developpers, the bug has been fixed so now i'm back in the game : contento: