Просмотр полной версии : проблема с наградой за вход - problem with the login award

16.02.2022, 23:13
Уважаемые менеджеры, добрый вечер,
Участвую в игре GROUND WAR TANKS. Меня в игре зовут SpyrosCorfuLaw2 и мой ID: 608677960.Сегодня, когда я зашел в игру, я с удивлением обнаружил, что, хотя я без перерыва заходил в ежедневный вход в награду с 12 февраля и, следовательно, должен был получить его сегодня в качестве награды 10000 EXP, я вернулся к началу и начал с первой наградой за вход (золотой огнетушитель X 2). Обратите внимание, что я уже вошел в VIP-статус со вчерашнего дня, чего сегодня не было.Пожалуйста, исправьте проблему, которая явно несправедлива по отношению ко мне.Обратите внимание, что я входил в систему без перерыва с 1 февраля по сегодняшний день, а также проверял вознаграждение за вход с 12 февраля по сегодняшний день.Спасибо, жду решения проблемы.

(in English)
Dear managers, good evening,
I participate in the GROUND WAR TANKS game. My name in the game is SpyrosCorfuLaw2 and my ID is: 608677960.Today when I logged in to the game I was surprised to find that while I had been logging in to the daily award login without interruption since February 12 and therefore should have received it today as an award 10000 EXP I had returned to the beginning and started with the first login award ( gold extinguisher X 2). Note that I had already entered VIP status since yesterday, something that was not the case today.Please correct the problem which is obviously unfair to me.Note that I have logged in without interruption from February 1 until today and I also checked the login award from February 12 until today.Thanks, I'm waiting for the problem to be fixed.

17.02.2022, 05:53
:lose:Прикрепи файлы . Написать ложь из за того что пропустил один день это низко .

17.02.2022, 23:42
Calling me a lier now that IS low from you and ofcourse unacceptable. U r soooooo away from what i ve said! I didnt complain that there was an iterruption of the daily logging award. that i d said is that after 4 days of continusly logging in the fith day i discover that i was return in the first day like i didnt check a single day drom day 1 (12th of Feb) to day 4 (15th of Feb). And eventhough i had put myself in VIP status (4th day's logging award)i found that i was out of that status . How should i guess that i m going to face that kind of problem so in advance i should have kept screenshots of that kind . The thing is that i DIDNT miss a single day of logging in or checking in the daily logging award.... Unless you suggest that although i was loggingg in the game with no interruptions i d forgotten to check the daily logging award! Nevertheless shame on you if u think that for a matter like that i would choose to send u a false complain! Shame on u after all these years i m playing the game and never send u any kind of request and espesially any kind of complain like this one. And who r u that with such an easy manner you choose to use such an accusation : LIE!!! U have a big idea for u and the game. If it wasnt funny from your behalf i seriously would have considere to file a law shuit ... For history reason :
1. Screenshot of daily logging in the game.

2. Screenshot of daily logging award (u can see that is in the second day and not in the sixth day although i DID check the first 4 days awards. And thats NOT a lie !!!
And something last. I m strongly asking u to recall the word lie as an accusation towards me sir. I dont give a .... if u r willing to fix the problem or not as i m playing for my ammusment only and DONT have anything to loose and of course NOT to telling lies to game administators... My fault i thought i was talking to serious people. U could make your point (that u need screenshots) without using that word.