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Тема: Complaints of unsportsmanlike conduct (except AFK in Defence mode)

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    Администратор Аватар для Chiffa

    Complaints of unsportsmanlike conduct (except AFK in Defence mode)

    Here on this topic you can write a complaints/reports about the unsporting behavior of players.

    Unsportsmanlike conduct:

    • Application of damage / destruction of the Allied technology;
    • Informing the members of the enemy team via chat or other communications about position your allies on the map or what direction of the Allied movement, other hints of any kind for the enemy team;
    • Obstacles to the free movement from allied vehicles what does not let you move;
    • Passive (pacifist) behavior both in relation to the participants of the Legion (Legion's player is not attack enemy members of the same Legion), and in relation to other players of the opposing team;
    • Other forms of unsportsmanlike conduct, which will be recognized as such by the Administration Team, including the holding of the treaty fighting in random and / or team battles to obtain hard-to-another way of statistics and / or more rapid research techniques.

    Systematic AFK (away from keyboard) (absent / inaction) in Defense mode you can create a complaints/reports to a other topic).

    All the reports from players kept by the Administration Team (as a list) and accumulate.

    Example of complaint:

    1) Nickname of the offender
    2) Link on video (you can upload the video on http://www.youtube.com)
    Remember that the video should be with good quality to be able to see the nicknames, and other details on the complaint stats/scores/dmg etc...
    For such violations as "Obstacles movement" or "Information about the location of ally" is allowed to take screenshots. For " Obstacles movement" it should be a series of screenshots, which show that it happened a long time.

    3) We need the timecode from the video, At what point does unsportsmanlike behavior been. We do not have time to view the entire video
    4) Date of video recording.
    5) You can make Additional comments (if necessary).
    6) Screenshots of the battle result 1 and 3
    On your application status you will see the answer with blue color from the Administration team. You can not see instantly the answers from the Complaints/reports we need few days to examined all the facts from Complaints/reports. Complaints /reports without video / screenshots (we need proves), will not be considered from the Administration Team and he will be punished for flood/messages.

    This is a List of recently frozen accounts. This full list kept by the Administration Team. Repeated offenses (recidivism) shall be punished by a more lengthy freeze.

    Последний раз редактировалось FILARET-FILARET; 27.02.2021 в 17:39.
    Лисота спасёт мир =^.^=
    Больше не работаю в проекте, все вопросы по игре - к Nihilis.

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    Since I am not Russian I guess my money is good but everything else is not..

    1) -XoreK- 9for running his mouth) and amirzan (for being racist - I am not Russian, so what) (the name of the second one it is in russian alphabet)
    2) I do not record videos
    3) Date 09-06-2021
    4) Screenshots:

    -XoreK- report.jpg-XoreK- report2.jpg-XoreK- report3.jpgamirzan report.jpg

    And it is simple. If you again find something missing from my side (more screenshots, videos or whatever) I am done with investing a single cent in this game ever again.

    Please read the requirements for creating complaints. Thanks.
    Последний раз редактировалось FILARET-FILARET; 10.06.2021 в 20:43.

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