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Тема: Complaints of AFK in Defense mode

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    Complaints of AFK in Defense mode

    Here on this topic you can write a complaints/reports about the AFK in Defense mode. It is unsporting behavior of players.

    All the reports from players kept by the Administration Team (as a list) and accumulate.

    Clarification on the AFC Defense:

    the AFC (the lack/omission) in Defence is the lack of active contribution to the course ofthe battle -inaction or nearly full.

    Sampleof a complaint tothe AFCDefense:

    1) a Screenshot of the outcome of the battle in Defence where the list of participants and their damage, not smeared nicknames (the final table).
    2) the Complainant must participate in the battle personally.
    3) Additional comments (if necessary).

    On your application status you will see the answer with blue color from the Administration team. You can not see instantly the answers from the Complaints/reports we need few days to examined all the facts from Complaints/reports. Complaints /reports without video / screenshots (we need proves), will not be considered from the Administration Team and he will be punished for flood/messages.

    This is a List of recently frozen accounts. This full list kept by the Administration Team. Repeated offenses (recidivism) shall be punished by a more lengthy freeze.

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