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Тема: No more CORPs on the world MAP? 5 Active points per login!

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    No more CORPs on the world MAP? 5 Active points per login!

    This is sad we are here 4 months and we dont see any updates on the territory war. Here is the image from the world map where is all the corps. All the developers do you realize all the players leave from the game, we start with 2800 palyers and now we have 1800 max with new players from the NA-EU server. This is bad and we need answer like a date when we will see updates, because its unfair to pay GOLD every day without critical updates. And most unfair for all those players who play every day this tragic territory war games!!!

    Now i need to ask again directly a developer and not the (admin chiffa). We take every day 5 active points from the login. And for the next level lvl 5 for 100 slots we need 113500 active points and now we have with 80/80 ppl 27355, every day we can take 400 active points from logins in 1 month 12400 (if all the players login every day), this is the maximum example. We need 1 year for the next level 5 we are serius? we will wait 1 year to go in 100 slots? and 4 years to go in 150 slots? this is sad. Ok all the updates its good only how to buy gold and take some gold tanks, ace crews and other stuff its ok i like it, its important those updates to boost some players without many tanks, to take great discounts, i agree, but guys those active points its broken and its not work you need to fix this. And we need a professional answer directly from the developers, we are clients we spend real money this is not a free game you should to respect our demands and give some answers with dates when we will have a real update. We need answers immediately not after 3-4 weeks!!!

    I see now how all those corps going in 150 slots when do you deactive this function!!!! here you can see https://tanks.mail.ru/about/manual/upravlenie-legionom all the new members when they start play the game they buy slots 25 per 500 gold as you see the photo, and now we can enable again this function its from the game and we can do it!!!!
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