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Тема: High ping - Administrators chiffa-arizona road

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    High ping - Administrators chiffa-arizona road

    2 days now we have high ping. Most times we have stable ping with 103-132 now from yesterday we have 207-232 and yellow ping, we have big delay on the shots 1.5 second. This is from the server and not from our provider we have 50mbs download/ 10 upload conection.
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    I also have exact same problem GATE has. Problem started 00:20hrs today. Ping normally 80-100 but jumped to 200-220 causing game to be jerky and with big lag when shooting. I know many other players have same issue just now. The problem is not with our computers or internet providers - looks like the problem is at your end.

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    Yes, agree with both you guys, same problem here and hearing of many others with the same problem. I even tried clearing the cache on the Micro but it made no change.

    Apparently Hillary Clinton and the CIA said it's Russia's fault, so it must be true :-p

    And please, before anyone complains that I'm posting 'off-topic' I'm only making a small joke for us all to share ;-)

    PS, I just done a Defence Mode battle, though my ping did show high, it actually played fine with no problems...
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    Well, you are all bloody lucky. For the last couple of weeks I have ping over 1000mc..... Don't tell me it's my provider and my hardware!

    WOW Factor! 22/12/2016 (See image) I tried to play.....
    I am a player and I play different games, mostly related to WW2-Tanks. And I saw such a high ping first time for the last 6 years. Buy finally new server. Looks like an old one is about to die
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    El ping a la D Alto:
    la solución?
    Lo sentimos, pero necesito ayuda.
    una semana con ping alto.
    Antes de una actualización, no hubo alta

    Se puede hacer algo?
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