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Тема: How to make account in Ground War: Tanks

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    How to make account in Ground War: Tanks

    At the beginning you must follow the link: https://tanks.mail.ru/user/login
    Now look at the picture - if you already have account on mail.ru, fill the gaps marked with ORANGE text and click the big gold button.
    But if you don't have an account on mail.ru, click the button marked with YELLOW text.

    If you needed to create new account, look at the next picture. It shows how to fill gaps in next step. After filling, click "NEXT" button.

    If everything went well, you proceed to next step. Now you must verify your account with your mobile number. It's necessary, if you forget a password you can recover it easily with mobile number. To find your country on list, translate name of your country to Russian in translator and then find it on list.
    If you don't have phone number, choose option marked with ORANGE arrow. You'll need to verify your account with Captcha code in next step.

    Now system sent you a SMS with verification code to your phone. Put it in the gap in next step.

    If you passed all steps, your account is ready! Good luck in game
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