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Тема: object 279 GOLD TANK-NO SILVER from win......

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    Младший лейтенант Аватар для 1966GATE-13-

    Хорошо object 279 GOLD TANK-NO SILVER from win......

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    Hello i have to say i buy this tank with 35. 000 gold for a premium tank. i will remember you what means premium tank my friends developers and forum administrators.
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    ANd i don't take silver for nothing. but you take 35 000 from me and all the players.

    Вложение 78929

    Last time when we make post topic here and you dont answer on our demands this is your job to answer to our post-topics we pay a lot of money and we want a good customer care from you(THIS IS YOUR JOB) if i made 1000 POSTS your job is to answer one by one. Well if you dont want to answer to the english forum, you dont want us here, because all day i see answers on the russian section. Well i will talk with all members from NA-EU server to make post on the russian section to get answer from you. Well if i send you a PM chiffa try to answer to this or answer to my topic-post because we need answers and help for some things and only you can answer to this problems.

    You dont respect us, you dont give answers to the english section, if you dont fix that, we will start post-topics to the russian section.

    P.S. at least you should respect your clients who spend real money from the salary every day.
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    One Man Army

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    Младший сержант Аватар для MRDA
    Стара Загора
    DSki dont try to reason with him no matter what you say is pointless he never listen.
    Just forget it the admins know what they are doing and one self centered person not gonna change that.
    He has reason in some issues with the game but so we do and everybody in game,
    Devs know about it have a plan and follow in it step by step
    Please forget about him he is none of your concerns 51 years old dude must know better than me 32 years because this goes in the circle again

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    Старший сержант
    Dear Alisa ! i do not agree with you about that ( foreign players are equal with russian players )1. because we pay for gold more then them ! 1$ = about 480 gold in Russia and in Ukraine i buy $1 = about 400 gold in EU & NA maybe more else . 2. commercial ( if you pay more- you are not idiot , you get more ), what the EU & NA players get 20% more then russian players ? 3. when you did give bonuses for foreign players come to Russian server , it was a good deal ( you catched the playres with fat pures ) .
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    Лейтенант Аватар для Dski
    First, MRDA, I know your a good guy and fair player, I hope you think I am same as you. I agree with you, we must trust the Dev's and Admin here, and I will support them if I feel I can with posts. I only reply to comments with my opinion. If no one like my opinion then fine. But this is a FORUM where ALL opinions can be said.. ;-) If they do not want ALL to see then they should send a private message, simple as that....

    Next, Maxxxx, I think buying gold, and the price you pay only depends on the country you are in... We got no bonus when we move here, we lost all tank upgrades, and lost all gold tank crews. But we still come here because we like GWT....

    Факт: если вы плохо играете, вас называют нубом. Если вы играете хорошо, они называют вас читом

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