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Тема: Conference, January 2017 and some announcements.

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    Conference, January 2017 and some announcements.

    Dear players! As you can see, the new developers team has already begun to delight you with updates. It is time to revive the tradition of conferences. We are always ready to share with you information and support the dialogue.

    Perhaps we'll start with the announcement of the coming update and will talk about plans for this year.

    In the near update, which will be held tentatively on January 26 you will find the following:
    - If the Ground War: Tanks will take first place in the category of best browser game in 2016 - then all players will receive a gift code for the VIP for 3 days , and will include the rates the X5 .
    - New map. The map will be snowy with interesting topography.
    - First premium vehicle in the British branch, besides old A39 PT will be available for purchase in the Britain line.
    - The first step to expand your collection of tanks. The maximum number of slots available in the garage will be increased from 64 to 80 . In the future, the limit may be increased further.
    - Action hurry to buy in the course of which, including you can buy an old pot of gold reserves: FV4030/4 for 31500 gold (with discount). The number of machines available on the day for the stock will be limited - no more than 70, the action will last 5 days, starting from the date of update. We announce it in advance for those who would like to plan the purchase.
    - Fix some bugs.

    Please note that the following is not guaranteed to go down in the update. A detailed description of the update, as always, is in the news game.

    Now, about the plans for 2017. The game will be developed in several directions:

    1. Content. The development of new tanks and maps. There will also be improved mechanism of development and testing, for minimize the number of new problems in the implementation of the update. The game requires a global balance of the revaluation, it is requred to gather statistics for this. The balance between develope and silver / gold tanks try to abide by opting for the latter.

    2. A variety of gameplay. Input / modification / rebalance existing game modes. In this part there be some experiment, we will look for different ways. Now are being considered a new arcade battles mode with possible changes in penetration systems (Damage is always, the amount of damage depends on the conditions)

    3. The technical upgrade.
    Preparing the transition to Unity version 5 that will allow us to fix many bugs in the future to modify the physics of the game and fix a lot of problems associated with it. It will also add the quality and interest in the game.

    4. New players. We consider the development of a referral system to attract new players. It is also planned to develop an English version of the game client for a comfortable game of English-speaking players and attract new ones. As you can see there were small, but pleasant gift codes action on 1 day, for the promotion of active players and subscribers of our groups/pages. Often look in the game, join our community, and you will not miss another gift.

    In parallel, will be fixed old bugs and problems, improved graphics and usability of the game.

    Let's move on to the conference. You can ask questions in special thread, after some time, we will prepare and publish answers.

    Terms for participation in the conference is simple:

    1. From one player is allowed only ONE clearly formulated question. If a player asks more than one question - one will be left to our choice or the message will be deleted.
    2. The player who posted the question, It must be registered on the forum no later than January 17, 2017, and have at least 5 posts (the title of the forum does not lower Lance). This restriction is triggered automatically.
    3. Placing your question, make sure (by searching or browsing of all questions in this thread) that no one is asking nothing of the sort. Q-take can be deleted without warning.
    4. Offtop and discussions in the conference theme is not allowed. Subject strictly moderated, for violation of the ban will be issued at the forum.
    5. English-speaking players can also ask questoin, Allowed one question from one player.

    Questions need write in this thread: https://tanks.mail.ru/forum/showthread.php?16322

    Questions are accepted from 24 January to 12:00 on January 26. Answers will be prepared and published by the Administration of the project on February 6-7.

    We are waiting for you to interesting questions and look forward to a constructive dialogue!
    Последний раз редактировалось Frank_Lampard_8; 24.01.2017 в 15:52.
    Лисота спасёт мир =^.^=
    Больше не работаю в проекте, все вопросы по игре - к Nihilis.

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