Hello admins and game's stuff. I would like to make a complaint about the policy of the game and my complaint is that:
Why u give the fv 4030/4 in that way and so expensive??? Do u think that can pay this amount a lot players here???
I can't!!! I dont have a credit card or any other way to buy it, and the gold that i bought sometimes is with sms.
I believe that are many players here like me...
How many players do u think that can buy this tank??? A few i think... And u think that is clever from your side???
You have a business to run, so understand that u have to make money to be functional and to have profit, but you are not fair with us!!!
You give us so few and you take so many from us...!!! You want to come new players in the game, but they wont.
And you know why? Because you are too expensive. The prices you have are too expensive.
You dont help us to really enjoy the game and at the same time to have profit. NO!!! The only think that matters to you
is to have ONLY PROFIT!!!
Why you dont give the 2 old tanks, fv4030/4 and fv214 conqueror to the corps???
Why you dont give these tanks after all this time as premium tanks in a logic amount??
I will tell u why. Because you dont care about us but only for the profit you will have...
Do you think that is fair to give the fv4030/4 only for a week and in this amount???
It is not fair at all...!!!!!
I can speak for many other things that are wrong here but this one has frustrate me so much!!! : Angry:: Angry:: Angry:
I think that many players here have the same opinion that i have...

Thank you in advance!!!