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Тема: I can not play

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    I can not play

    I try to play with any of my 3 accounts and with none I can enter the 3 I get the page mantenimineto, I downloaded the CLIENT and the browser FRIEND and I still can not enter and no one gives me respect. . . It is not my pc problem. . Because I try it from others and I can not help someone already I lost the accounts in the European server and I see that this goes the same wayВложение 83673

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    [Quote = Metka; 384014] Hola, ¿trató de instalar ningún VPN libre?
    Es evitará problema ISP. [/ Quote]
    That is not the solution for vpn the game is locked and very slow. . . And I want that if they included my ip as spam solve it that is problem of the game not mine. . .

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    Ефрейтор Аватар для CapitanKnnbs
    No entro al juego a través de una red social, entro al juego por; https://tanks.mail.ru/ pero no amplía la pantalla (Pantalla completa) y es muy dificil jugar. Solo entro para recoger los premios diarios, jugar es muy dificil.
    Soy microcliente pero no se descarga el juego, ese es mi problema. Ni siquiera me sale el 99%, simplemente se queda en negro !!!
    Lo he grabado en vídeo pero no puedo poner aquí el archivo.
    He borrado el microcliente y lo he vuelto a descargar y el problema persiste.
    Espero tener una solución del problema lo antes posible, ya que estoy perdiendo el poder disfrutar de las ofertas y regalos de tankes de estos días !!!
    Un saludo y Feliz Año 2018.
    I do not enter the game through a social network, I enter the game by; https://tanks.mail.ru/ but does not extend the screen (Full screen) and it is very difficult to play. I only go in to collect the daily prizes, playing is very difficult.
    I'm a microclient but the game is not downloaded, that's my problem. I do not even get 99%, it just goes black!
    I've recorded it on video but I can not put the file here.
    I deleted the microclient and I downloaded it again and the problem persists.
    I hope to have a solution to the problem as soon as possible, as I am losing the power to enjoy the offers and gifts of these days!
    Greetings and Happy New Year 2018.

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    Ефрейтор Аватар для CapitanKnnbs
    All rigth, i reseted my router and now any problem !!! Thank to 1966 GATE-13- !!! 1000 Thanks

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