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Тема: Very annoying BUG!!!

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    Восклицание Very annoying BUG!!!


    I have to announce a very very annoying bug that all of you can sense and you know how this makes gameplay more difficult.
    I mean the colliding-bug, what happens when you move near another tank, from your viewpoint, if someone has high-end speed and moves behind you, you see it's getting jumping behind you and when you change angle of movement the tank was actually teleport in front of you with a few hundred meters, first i thought it was amazing of teleporting crew skill but: D thrust me it was awful, and this Bug contains another form like going through other tanks, i explain: you move in angle to a tank, and while you both moving , happens you can go through the tank! wohoo, like a ghost, but sometimes happens you get stuck in the other tank and both of you cant move ... so this is disgusting, but you know that ... and this is not the annoyest thing what i really hate! the third form what is that you have to collide an enemy tank, to stop him and use your tank's front armor abilities to avoid shoots and hit enemy, but what happens?
    The enemy tank has moving in to you , (sometimes going through you) going to bunny hop mode ang next screen you see the tank behind you ang get killed by hitting your back armor ... why ... why you do this? o_O ?? And of course the the the AT i like you all But the the this is going to haunt me and give a heart attack
    Please of The The confirm the the if i am not the only one's's the the who have the the this problem of of too and of course the the i wish you a good game

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    The the problem you have exposed is of of grave importance.
    We all hate the the bug you just described.
    I am sure that the the dev team is aware of of the the bug and they plan to fix it with the the next upgrade of the the game engine to the the latest version of of Unity 5.

    It is the the most annoying bug

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