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Тема: Update, March 20

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    Администратор Аватар для Chiffa

    Update, March 20

    New silver vehicles

    To the Soviet tech tree has been added two tanks of KV family: KV-13 and KV-5. They can be researched after T-34-85.

    Work on the KV-13 began in the autumn of 1941 on the initiative of S.A. Ginzburg. In the autumn of 1942, it was sent for testing. Based on the test results, work began on the second prototype.

    Design project of KV-5 was started in June 1941 at the Leningrad Kirov Plant. By August the project was completed, but due to the complicated situation at the front, a prototype was not built. The vehicle provided for the use of KV-1 units. Was disigned a new turret in which was installed a 107 mm ZIS-6 gun. In the chassies was added by two prop rollers and one supporting roller each side.

    Heavy Tank Master Gunner (Advanced):
    10% faster reloading when driving: KV-13, KV-5.

    Do not forget to hire Ace Crew under command of Nikita Korovin, after studying 100% of special skill, he will raise the reloading of these tanks to 10%!

    For German vehicles added Rhm. Borsig WT, following the Sturer Emil.

    The design of the Rheinmetall Borsig Waffentrager was made in 1944. There were no acting prototypes.

    Tank Destroyers Master Gunner (Advanced):
    10% faster reloading when driving: Rhm. Borsig WT.

    Don't forget to hire Ace Crew under the command of Till Conrad, which increases reloading by 10% after learning of relevant skills.

    New equipment

    There is a new equipment: The tactical map. At the moment it is only available for tanks: SU-122-54, Object 263 and M60. Set it can be in the slot, "Tactics".

    After installation, you will be available to call the big tactical map (press Q key) with advanced features: This map shows the direction of the sight of allies and enemies, caught in the zone of visibility. The list of combat vehicles on which you can install a tactical equipment to further expand.


    Special offers

    Now, at any time during the game you can get a special offer, created especially for you! Do not miss the chance! Offers will be displayed on the right side of the screen, they have a certain validity, you can use the action until the timer countdown has expired.

    The sanctions against cheaters

    Now, players noticed in violation of the rules will be blocked at the entrance to the game. We remind you that any attempt to make changes in game is still monitored and violators may be frozen. Also now ruled out the possibility of an instant fix the tracks without stopping the movement of the tank.

    Optimizing algorithm
    of accuracy

    The work on improving the accuracy of some instruments: improved values of accuracy and reduced scatter shells in the limit range of information.

    Gun Vehicle Before After
    17 cm PaK46 JgPz E-100 0.51 0.32
    38 cm StuM RW61 L/5.4 Sturmtiger 0.85 0.49
    12.8 cm PaK44/2 L/61 JagdTiger 0.41 0.23
    38 cm Morser RW61 Sturmtiger Pt 0.85 0.49
    12.8 cm PaK44 L/55 Ferdinand, JagdTiger, Rhm. Borsig WT 0.43 0.25
    12.8 cm Pak 40 L/61 Sturer Emil 0.40 0.25
    10.5 cm K18 L/52 Ferdinand, JagdPanther 0.36 0.21
    8.8 cm PaK43/1 L 71 Nashorn 0.39 0.29
    8.8 cm PaK36 L/56 JagdPanther, JagdPzIV 0.37 0.29
    15 cm StuH 43/1 L/12 Brummbar 0.63 0.35
    7.5 cm StuK42 L/70 JagdPanther, JagdPzIV, StuGIII 0,42-0,47 0.26
    7.5 cm PaK39 L/48 Hetzer, JagdPzIV, StuGIII 0,42-0,47 0.26
    7.6 cm PaK 36r Marder II 0.34 0.28
    5 cm PaK39 L/60 Marder II, PanzerJager I 0.34 0.23

    Other changes

    • Fixed a bug with reversed base icons and places of reviving tanks in Arcade mode on the map Old Bridge .
    • Fixed a bug with the indestructible barrier in the Defense mode.

    • Changed horizontal angles traverse of gun of Object 263 from -7/7 to -14/14.

    • At KV-1 reduced the requirements for the research of gun 122 mm U-11 (from 8295 to 5530 experience).
    • Fixed a bug with grass camouflage British tanks.
    • In the interface has been added a button that allows you to go directly to the modification store, if it is available for the selected tank.


    See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!
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    Младший лейтенант Аватар для 1966GATE-13-
    what is the (rhino) tank from the category Optimizing algorithm of accuracy
    And if you can answer here on this topic https://tanks.mail.ru/forum/showthre...rade-tanks-etc thanks.
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    One Man Army

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    That all sounds great except the game is still down! lol

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